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Components of Paint & Their Functions in Poway, CA; Pigment, Solvent, Resin, Additives & More

With the elements surrounding them, many homeowners, and for good reason, are concerned. There are a number of people that want to know where products come from, ranging from the sheets, food, and other household items. Though the time is long, long gone, lead paint is something people recall and want to avoid other dangers.…

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Pastel Paint Colors for Interior Walls in Oceanside, CA; Inspiration, Color Combinations, Painting Bedrooms & More

Choosing a color scheme can be overwhelming as the possibilities are endless. There are colors in neutrals, cool tones and warm hues, as well as the light and dark color spectrums. Homeowners often select colors that they are attracted to. Color schemes should consist of at least three colors, but no more than five colors…

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Exterior Painting Preparation Tips in Fallbrook, CA; Wash House, Scrape Off Old Paint, Repair Damage, Prime & More

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they pull up in your driveway. Adding professional exterior painting services to your honey do list can add curb appeal and increased value to your home, providing you do your homework that is. Many homeowners are under the impression that all they…

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Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends in Encinitas, CA; Light Gray, Dark Teal, Midnight Blue, Burnt Orange & More

Quite a few homeowners are breaking away from the traditional white and wood color cabinets to make their kitchen more unique, add spice and creativity in the kitchen. For color schemes, painting and design experts recommend 3-5 colors that compliment each other for the primary color, trim work, and accent color. Making the cabinets a…

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Best Time to Paint House Exterior in Del Mar, CA; When is the Temperature too Hot or Cold for Paint Outside & More?

Outdoor projects are frequently put off until the weather is preferable. Waiting for optimal weather for the various projects is common to ensure the end result is at the maximum potential and this particularly applies to painting the exterior of your home. When getting the exterior of your home painted, and to reach the desired…

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Warm Paint Color Palette for Bedrooms, Living & Other Rooms in Escondido, CA; Accent Colors, Lighting & More

Creating a unique style in your home can be easily done with the plethora of options to paint your home alone. Colors can make any room amazing alongside the different texturing, stencils, or other options. From classic, traditional, and modern trends, there is an endless selection of interior design. Though there are quite a few…

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