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Drywall & Texture Contractors

Throughout the Greater Escondido, California area, Jeff The Painter provides quality construction services to the locals, and with 35 years of being licensed and insured to deliver our fine services, our longevity is a testament to our dedication to our customers. The team of Jeff The Painter not only executes superior results, but we are obliged to include friendly customer service and professional courtesy as well to make your experience with Jeff The Painter extraordinary on a consistent basis. We use high end products and materials for the quality of the project to maximize the outcome and results.

Drywall Hanging, Installation & Replacement

Jeff The Painter in Escondido, California includes drywall and texture services. When your home is in need of drywall removal, installation or replacement in Escondido, California and surrounding areas, we are the ones who can get the job done right the first time. Drywall, or sheet rock as it is otherwise known by, is the primary component of a wall. When you want to create a new room or add a closet etc, having the drywall installation done correctly is essential to ensure the structure is sound, and the aesthetics are up to par. Sometimes drywall is damaged to the point of replacement such as after a flood or other water damage emergency. Jeff The Painter can install new drywall, repair minor damages or replace severely damaged drywall as needed.

Drywall Repair

Drywall repair is often needed to fix surface defects such as holes and gauges on your walls or ceilings. No matter whether your drywall has damage from being hit by furniture, holes from hanging picture frames or artwork, opening a door too hard without having a door stop, or any other reason; we can fix it. Drywall is pretty durable but if you hit it hard enough, it can be damaged.

Taping, Mudding, Knockdown & Other Popular Drywall Textures

Texturizing in the Greater Escondido, California area follows the drywall and with accurate application the taping and texture, whether you prefer traditional texture or the current trend, the professionals of Jeff The Painter can easily accommodate your needs.

Drywall & Texture Contractor Services & More in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad & Escondido, California

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