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How to Paint a Ceiling Without Making a Mess in Hidden Meadows, CA; Seal Off Floors, Painting Prep & More

When was the last time you gave the ceilings in your home any thought? Most people probably don’t, unless they start to see some sort of discoloration or are wanting to change the color up. Just like painting your walls, painting the ceiling can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of your home.…

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How to Paint Dark Colors Evenly & Without Streaks on Walls in Del Mar, CA; Best Finish, Rooms & More

When painting inside the home, many interior designers will tell you to be cautious about using dark colors. Dark colors can look very nice. However, they can also make are room feel smaller and claustrophobic. When painting with dark colors it is important that you combine the dark colors with the right elements to offset…

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Different Types of Interior & Exterior Paint Used on Residential Buildings in Carlsbad, CA; Latex, Oil-Based & More

If you are getting ready to take on a painting project, there are several things that you are going to have to consider before getting started. Not only will you need to choose the right color and finish, but you will also need to know the difference between interior and exterior paint. While the differences…

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How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your Escondido, CA House; Jewel Tones Color Palette & More

The exterior home design is one of the primary elements of your house’s curb appeal. There are many color schemes that people are using more often that provide some spice to really bring some life into their outdoor space. For your dream exterior design, consider popular color combinations and learning about how to decide which…

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How Long to Let Latex / Acrylic Paint Dry Before Second Coat & Hanging Pictures or Putting Things on it in Vista, CA

Though the transformation that comes with interior painting is exciting to see, nobody can confess to enjoying watching the paint dry. It is very important to know how long paint takes to dry to ensure you do not ruin your newly painted walls. To further elaborate on this subject, we at Ciarlanti Painting – Jeff…

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Painting Shiplap in Valley Center, CA; What Paint Color & Finish to Use on Tongue & Groove Shiplap Walls & More

Do you have shiplap in your home that needs a bit of repainting? Shiplap is a popular trend that has been installed in many home along the walls and even the ceilings. Shiplap varies in surfacing. Some is natural wood that is stained or painted, while others are vinyl and are typically painted. When your…

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