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Does Painting a House Protect It in Fairbanks Ranch, CA? Resists Water, Helps Prevent Mold & More

Painting the outside of the home does maintain the home’s curbside appeal. Painting the outside of the home and repainting is an essential part of a home’s exterior care. Paint helps to protect the outside of the home from weather, mold and pests. Jeff the Painter would like to share in more detail why it is important to repair your home’s exterior.

Paint Resists Water

When the exterior material of the home absorbs moisture, your home is at risk of developing mold and rot. To prevent the damages due to moisture exposure, you will want to provide a protective layer that can withstand moisture exposure. Paint is the perfect material that can help waterproof stucco, siding, wood and more. Exterior paint is designed to be more resistant to both water and UV light. It is designed to last and to provide a protective layer. However, over time the paint will begin to break down which is why it is important to make sure you have the home repainted before the paint completely breaks down.

Paint Helps Prevent Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew are living organisms that can influence the decay and rot on a number of different materials. Mold not only can lead to major damages to a home but they can potentially cause health problems. When exposed to the skin, mold can lead to skin irritation and other conditions. Mold is particularly more harmful if it is breathed in. It can also lead to many respiratory problems and illnesses. Paint can help prevent and reduce mold and mildew from entering in the home building materials. Mold can develop on paint, but the paint will act as a shield for a certain period of time. When you see mold or mildew developing you will want it cleaned off. Additionally, check the integrity of the paint, if the paint is compromised, that is a clear indication it is time to repaint your home’s exterior.

Prevent Pest Damages with Exterior Paint

Pests, including termites, ants, and rodents will look for small holes and begin using those weak points to work their way into your home. You will want to maintain your home’s exterior structure to help keep pests out of your home and from accessing the lumber, plumbing and electrical systems. Depending on the pest, different areas of the home may be under more threat. To help keep pests out of your home it is important to fill-in or seal any cracks and maintain the home’s paint. Paint can help provide a wall of protection and get termites and carpenter ants out of your home.

How Long Should a Paint Job Last on a House?

To ensure your home is protected from pests, weather, and moisture damage, you should repaint your home’s exterior about every 5 to 10 years. It will truly depend on the quality of paint that was previously used. The higher the quality of paint used, the longer you can often go in between coats of paint. However, watch for the signs as well. Some of the common signs that it is time to repaint your home’s exterior can include dull color, peeling or chipping paint, and cracks along your home’s exterior walls.

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