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Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid in Carlsbad, CA; What Happens when You Use the Wrong Paint & More

One of the best ways to achieve the curb appeal you’ve been seeking is painting the outside of your home. In addition to being an important aesthetic to your home, exterior paint also offers protection. Wood and other surfaces are protected from rot and other risks. It’s not something to jump into without a lot of preparation and knowledge since painting the exterior of a home is much different than painting the interior. To help you avoid common exterior painting mistakes, we at Jeff the Painter would like to share them today.

Poor Surface Paint Preparation

It is common and easy to dive into the actual painting of the exterior before you are ready. The sooner you’ll see that impressive result, the sooner you begin is a common mindset. It is essential to prep first for maximum results. Experts always complete extensive preparations before the actual painting begins. Basics prep work includes the list below.
– All loose paint chips are scraped away.
– The rough edges of the paint that remains. New paint can be applied more seamlessly on a smooth surface.
– The surface is thoroughly cleaned. All dirt, dust and other debris is removed. A power washer is the most effective method to remove the debris, but if this technique is used, the surface must dry for one or two days before painting. Ensuring that the surface is dry is very important. When the moisture content is too high, painting over it can lead to early paint failure.
– Any rotten or deteriorating areas are repaired.
– Any open seams are caulked.
The most difficult and time-consuming part of painting the exterior of your home is the prep work. This is the primary task for your exterior painting, and most find it is best hire a pro to ensure it is all done properly.

Can Paint Primer Be Skipped?

When painting the exterior of a home, omitting the priming phase is another major mistake novice painters make. Any wood that has never been painted, has been stripped or is weathered requires a few coats of primer. Primer helps paint adhere properly and the overall results show.

What Happens when You Use the Wrong Paint

It’s easy to choose the wrong paint for a novice who’s trying to paint their home’s exterior alone. It is just as essential to choose a paint that’s specifically designed for exterior use, though color is undeniably important. Best for maximum durability is a high-quality acrylic latex paint. Since they are able to endure the elements and last much longer than inferior paint products, they are usually more expensive, but well-worth the investment.

Can You Paint in Bad Weather?

Weather plays a part in the results of your painting. Generally, if the weather is rainy, or threatens to rain as well as excessive winds, it is best to wait until the weather improves.

Not Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

Ultimately, the pros have the training, experience and skills to perform your exterior painting needs. Additionally, the licensed artisans have the state-of-the-art equipment and premium products that maximize the outcome of the exterior painting project.

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