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Will Bubbles in Paint Go Away in Hidden Meadows, CA? How to Prevent & Fix Bubbling when Painting

When you are painting the inside or outside of your home, nothing can ruin the final result of the project more than when there are bubbles all throughout the paint. Paint bubbling sometimes doesn’t even show up until the paint has finished drying. When you discover that your paint is full of bubbles you may wonder why this has occurred and what steps you should take to fix the bubbles. Jeff the Painter will share what you can do about paint bubbles.

Why Do Paint Bubbles Happen?

Paint bubble are most often due to moisture on the wall or too much heat. Both moisture and heat causes multiple layers to develop which lift away from the wall resulting in bubbles. However, bubbles can also develop if there is any residue such as dirt or dust on the wall. Bubbles may also form if there is a lot of air in the paint. Lastly, bubbles will also develop if you over use a roller or if you have skipped the primer. There are some situations where you cannot prevent bubbles from developing. However, most causes for paint bubbles can be prevented as long as you follow proper painting protocols.

How Do You Prevent Bubbles in Paint

When looking at the main cause for bubbles to form in the paint, taking steps to prevent them is rather simple. To start with, whether you are painting inside or outside of the house, you always want to clean the walls first. For exterior paint, it is recommended to have the exterior pressure washed and then allow the outside to dry for 24 to 48 hours before you paint. For inside the home, use a damp cloth and wipe the walls clean. Again, give the wall plenty of time to dry or you can develop bubbles due to moisture. You always want to paint on clean and dry surfaces. Avoid using a paint roller for too long. Paint rollers can become too saturated with paint and eventually the paint will go up on the wall improperly. Either get a new roller or clean off the roller as they flatten. Additionally, use a paint with a primer in it or prime the walls before painting. A primer will ensure an even and clean surface for the paint to bind to. By taking the needed steps when painting the inside or outside of your home it will ensure no bubbles and you will have a clean and even layer of paint.

How Do You Fix Bubbles in Paint?

If you have just finished painting only to discover your wall has a ton of tiny bubbles, what can you do? When you discover that your paint job has paint bubbles there is only one thing you can do. You will need to scrape the bubbles off. That’s right. You will need to scrape the bubbles off and repaint the walls. This can be a discouraging and time consuming task. However, if you want to have smooth and clean painted walls, you will need to scrape the paint and repaint your walls.

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