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What is the Most Popular Bedroom Paint Color in Fallbrook, CA? Painting for Happy, Relaxing or Cozy?

There are many people that don’t give a lot of thought to the paint that is on the walls of their home. However, the paint in your home can impact not only the way that your house looks, but how it feels as well. When it comes to choosing the paint for your bedroom, you definitely want to make sure that you’re picking a paint color that is going to leave your bedroom looking and feeling the way that you want it to. Jeff the Painter is here to talk about some paint colors that work well in bedrooms and why.

How Can I Improve My Mood in the Bedroom?

There are several different moods that homeowners might be after for their bedrooms. Some will be looking for a space that feels calm and relaxing. Others might want their bedroom to feel energetic and give them that positive energy they need to get through the day. Before we dive into the right paint colors for your room, you need to decide what kind of mood you want the paint to give off in your space.

Most Relaxing Color for a Bedroom

Many people like their room to give them a feeling of gentleness. This can be colors that are softer and have the ability to make you feel that feeling of relaxation and serenity. Some of the best colors that will help you get this feeling are pastels. Anything from purples, to blues, greens and even browns. Looking for pastels can give your bedroom the gentleness that you’re after.

Paint Colors to Give Room a Cozy Vibe

Then there are those that will be looking for a cool, soothing tone in their bedroom. Nothing will help you decompress after a long day like a room that has cool, soothing colors on the walls. Look for color tones that will give you a cooler feel like grays and blues. You shouldn’t only be looking for cool colors either; HVAC professionals will tell you that the optimal temperature to sleep at is between 65-68 degrees at night.

Positive Energy

One color that can help give you balance when looking for something soothing as well as energizing is the color green. Green in all shades can help a space both energy and relaxation. This color works in both finding energy in traditional styles as well as more modern style. This is often because the color green is often closely associated with nature which can bring balance to almost anyone.

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If you are having trouble committing to a color for your bedroom, you can always paint only one wall rather than all of the walls the new shade that you’ve picked out. This can give you that pop of color that you’re looking for without going all in. If you are ready to paint your home, you can turn to Jeff the Painter to ensure the job is done right. Call us today!

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