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What Causes Air Bubbles when Painting? How Do You Fix Bubbling Paint on Interior Walls in Oceanside, CA?

Whenever you take on a painting project on your own, it’s a big job. After putting in the work of painting your home, there is nothing more irritating than having the paint not turn out the way you thought it would. A problem that people run into sometimes is bubbling paint. When paint bubbles on your walls, it looks less than appealing. This is why it is important that any painting project is done right. Jeff the Painter is here to talk about bubbling paint and what can be done to avoid it in the first place.

How Do You Stop Paint from Bubbling?

As frustrating as bubbling paint is, it is important to understand what is causing it in the first place so that you can avoid the problem all together. Usually, the leading cause for bubbling paint is heat or moisture. This is a huge problem that you definitely want to avoid at all costs. Here are some of the ways that you can avoid bubbling paint in the first place.
– Clean Walls: You need to make sure that there isn’t any residue on the walls before you start painting. When the paint can’t properly adhere to the wall, it can lead to bubbling. Using a damp towel or a sponge can usually get all of the residue off the walls so that your paint will be bubble free.
– Let Wall Dry: Like mentioned above, moisture can be a problem as well. If your have washed the wall to prepare them for painting, it is vital that you allow enough time for them to dry completely before you start painting. You can open windows and doors to help speed this process up so that you can get on with your project sooner. Just make sure there is not an ounce of moisture left on your walls.
– Watch the Weather: If you are painting an exterior wall, you need to be aware of what the weather is going to be doing on the day of painting as well as the days leading up to and after painting. Not only is rain a problem, but days that are too hot or too cold can pose issues as well.
– Take Your Time Painting: Anytime you’re painting, you need to remember that it isn’t a race. You need to take your time to ensure you’re doing it the right way. Allow each coat of paint ample drying time to make sure you don’t running into any bubbling or blistering of the paint.
– Prime Before Painting: There are many people that would like to skip the primer all together. However, this is where you can run into problems as well. Make sure you don’t skip this step to ensure your paint goes on smooth and without issues.

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