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What Color Should I Paint the Ceiling in Escondido, CA? Same as, Lighter or Darker than the Walls?

Trying something new and getting creative with paint colors is a great way to give your home a facelift. But what about painting the ceiling? Professional interior designers often refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall. Much too often little or no thought is given to how the celling contributes to the overall room design. Think about your ceilings and look at them in a new light. Color, pattern and texture on the ceiling can completely transform the feel and look of a room. The next time you are ready to give a room a makeover, look up. When you really think about it, it makes perfect sense; you wouldn’t leave the house half-dressed so why leave the rooms in your home only half-dressed? Jeff The Painter is a full service painting contractor and has provided the following tips to help you decide how to select top home improvement design methods and revamp your ceilings.

Should I Paint my Ceiling the Same Color as My Walls? What Colors Make Ceilings Look Higher?

• A large room with vaulted ceilings can feel unbalanced and impersonal when furniture, rugs and accessories occupy the bottom half of the room leaving the rest of the room bare. Experiment with a ceiling color in a deeper shade than the walls. This will make the area appear cozy and create balance in an open space.
• Add pizazz by dressing it up – think about experimenting with glazes on your ceilings, such as pearlescent or metallic finishes. Or call your Jeff The Painter professional and ask about specialty plasters. Specialty plasters can elevate your ceiling to a work of art by adding color, texture and dimension.
• Make a smaller room or rooms with a lower style ceiling feel larger by keeping the color contrast between the walls and the ceiling minimal. When your eye travels upwards there is a subtle difference rather than ending abruptly such as with a plain white ceiling which makes smaller rooms feel as though they have been cut in half.
• Keep the ceiling color consistent throughout your home if you have an open floor plan. This ensures you will always have consistency and flow through from room to room.
• Use the same shade of white when painting your ceiling and woodwork to keep the effect even. Even one shade difference can be seen from a distance and will look mismatched.
• A pale blue color palette will make the ceiling appear higher but your wall color must also be a light shade.
• To make your color scheme flow, match the color of your ceiling to the lightest shade found in chair fabrics, wallpaper or drapes.

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