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Metamerism; How Does Sunlight & Artificial Light Affect Paint Color in Your Vista, CA Home?

An extremely common problem for many homeowners as they go to tackle a painting project only to find that the color they had chosen at the store looks completely different once it’s on the walls. This phenomenon is known as illuminant metamerism. To put it simply, colors take on different hues depending on the type of light they are exposed to. This complexity can make choosing the right color for your home much more difficult. Jeff The Painter is here to talk about light and what you can expect it to do to your paint colors.

Does Paint Color Reflect Sunlight

For most homes, there is a significant amount of sunlight that pours into the house during different times of the day. Sunlight can make paint colors look a lot different that the lighting that is found in the store you purchase the paint in. Depending on your windows and the direction they face, your paint is likely to look different.
– South: The sunlight in south facing windows can be intense. It can help make darker colors look brighter and less bold. If you have chosen pale colors, it can leave them looking dull.
– North: Without any real direct sunlight coming in these windows, you can count on whatever paint color you have chosen to look darker.
– East: Expect to get early morning sunlight in these windows. This sunlight will be cooler than afternoon light. If you choose darker colors, they may look drab during the afternoon.
– West: You may want to steer clear of warm colors in rooms with west facing windows. The warm afternoon sun can leave them looking more intense.

How Does Artificial Light Affect Paint Colors

As far as artificial lighting goes, it depends on the type of bulbs you have in your home. All bulbs are given a Kelvin score depending on the temperature of the light they give. The cooler the light, the higher the Kelvin score will be. A 5,000K lightbulb will be similar to natural sunlight. If you have bulbs that are warmer, your colors are going to look warmer. The same goes for colors and cooler bulbs. To counterbalance this, you may want to make paint selections with these rules in mind. With cooler bulbs, darker colors will usually look brighter, while lighter colors will look washed out.

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It can be difficult to gauge what paint will look like without putting it on the walls of your home first. This is why it is so important that you use many samples when making paint selections. If you are struggling to choose the right color for your home, you can rely on the color consultants at Jeff The Painter to help you choose the right one. We can use our experience and expertise to help you find the perfect color to transform the look of your home. Call us today!

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