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How Do You Prep a House for Exterior Painting in Bonsall, CA; Inspect Outside Walls, Repair, Wash, Cover & More

When you need to paint the exterior of your home it is important to prepare the outside of the home first. A number of failed painting projects start with little to no preparation. If the outside of the home isn’t properly prepped the paint may not adhere to the outside or it could bubble. To ensure a successful painting project Jeff the Painter will cover the major steps of exterior paint preparation.

Step 1. Inspect Outside Walls for Cracks, Holes, Peeling Paint etc

When it comes time to repair the outside of the home you will need to first inspect the outside thoroughly. Depending on the condition of the exterior paint, more steps will be involved. If the outside of the home is in perfect condition, there be less work in preparing the home for paint. However, if there are cracks in the stucco, holes, or peeling paint along the trim work of the home, they will need to be tended to first. When inspecting the outside of the home, make notes of what repairs will be needed so you can get the proper materials.

Step 2. What Supplies Do Painters Need?

When undergoing a major painting project you will need to get all of the materials, not just those for the painting of the home, but also for any repairs. With your inspection list of repairs, get the needed material for the repairs. Damages can greatly vary so it important to know what you will need to have to do the repairs on the outside of the home. For basic holes or cracks, silicone caulking can be used to fill in the damaged areas. For peeled paint you will need to scrape it off with something such as paint stripper to help remove the old paint. For wooded surfaces, you will need to scrape off loose paint and sand it down before it can be painted again.

Step 3. Do I Need to Wash House Before Painting?

After making the needed repairs you will want to clean the outside of the home. The best method of cleaning the exterior of a home is with a pressure washer. A pressure washer can remove all of the dirt, mold and other particles off of the home. It is important that the outside of the home is thoroughly clean as dirt and other particles can prevent the paint from sticking to the surface of the home or cause bubbling.

Step 4. Cover what You Don’t Want Painted!

Before you begin painting, just as you would inside the home, you will want to use plastic sheets to cover surfaces you do not want paint on. You may want to consider covering windows, doors, and trim work you do want painted. Sometimes plants are next to the home. You may want to cover them with a plastic sheet to prevent paint from dripping on them. If any other features are close to the home and need to be covered, do it before you begin painting.

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Painting the exterior of the home is very difficult and often requires a lot of work. For those who find they need help painting the inside or outside of their home, contact Jeff the Painter today.

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