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Signs You Need to Repaint Your Fairbanks Ranch, CA House; Fading or Peeling Paint & More

It is most common for homeowners to paint their home when they are either just moving into a new home, or when they desire change. However, most people neglect to paint the home when it needs a fresh coat of paint. Paint doesn’t just add unique color, design and theme to a home, it helps protect it. Paint is used on the walls, ceilings and even the floor to seal and protect the surface from mold, mildew and even pests. It is important to maintain your home’s painted surfaces to ensure its longevity. Jeff The Painter will share classic signs that it is time to repaint your home.

Exterior Paint Fading from Sun Exposure

The sun can damage paint. The UV rays cause the chemical bonds in paint to break down. When the chemical bonds in paint break down, the paint is weakened, which allows mold and other contaminants to sift in and begin to damage the inner wall. When the bonds break down the paint’s color will begin to fade. Essentially, faded paint is a good sign that you will want to repaint. This is most common for exterior paint; however, it does also occur inside.

Peeling or Cracking of Exterior Paint

One of the easiest signs to notice is when the paint begins to peel or crack. As paint ages the paint will dry out and begin to crack. Peeling occurs due to humidity or vapor which happens when there is a leak present or in a climate with high moisture levels. Both cracking and peeling will only get worse over time. Before painting, the cracks or peeled paint will need to be scraped off. It is essential to quickly repaint when these two signs emerge, or it can result it in damage to the drywall or inner structure of the walls and ceiling.

Mold or Mildew on Inside Walls & Ceilings

When mildew or mold develops on the walls and ceilings it is important to know if the mold is in the inner drywall. If the mold or mildew is only on the surface, then you are in luck. In many cases, the mold and mildew can be treated. However, to prevent the mold or mildew from coming back it is recommended to repaint. First the walls or ceiling should be primed and then repainted to protect the surface from further moisture damage and contamination. If the mold has penetrated into the drywall, then it is safer to remove the walls and replace them with clean materials.

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

Often the paint may not show any signs that it is time for a fresh coat. However, most paint should be reapplied every three to five years. Even though the paint and walls may be in good condition, by applying a new coat of paint, it adds a continual layer of protections to the interior and exterior of the home. You can ensure the longevity of the home’s painted surfaces with new routine repainting.

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There many benefits to repainting your home. However, the most essential is the overall care. You can prevent major damage with a simple fresh coat of paint. It you find repainting your home overwhelming, or you lack the time or ability, contact Jeff The Painter today.

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