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Paint Color in Del Mar, CA; Complementary Colors, Pastels, Brights, Reflective Value & More

One thing about paint is that it adds color, contrast and detail. Generally organic colors are preferred outside. Most home exteriors are earth tones like beige, browns, greys; the color of minerals and the earth. Interiors for most part in track homes tend to be off-whites, hence the term “vanilla” homes. It’s up to you to add color. Trim tends to white, usually satin or semi-gloss around doors and windows. Doors are a white or off-white color. So, the typical track home is neither garish nor outlandish, but blandly pleasing. For many a homeowner the exterior colors are set within homeowner agreements restricting one to approved color combos. But the interiors can be decorated to the owner’s taste if you are staying awhile. After ten years or so it is time to repaint, and you can tune your paint jobs to sell.

Color Wheel, Complementary Colors & More

Most of us know that color can affect and set mood. Many of us have been introduced to the color wheel and know opposite colors contrast and that color adjacent to contrast supplement. Tints are lighter values of a color obtained by adding white. Shades are made darker by adding black. Hue is what most equate to color. Tones have grey added. Hence, there is language of color. There are bright colors and what we call pastels, the more subdued colors.

Light Reflective Value of Paint

Paint itself is rated according to reflectance, from the least reflective, flat, to the most refective, gloss. Another consideration is that paint is reflective. The color you see is reflected not transmitted like your TV screen. Transmitted light is a combo of red, green, blue or RGB. Whereas print uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Print is a four-color process and is reflected light while transmitted light, like your monitor is a combo of red, green and blue pixels. What you see in print is what is reflected, all other colors are absorbed. A bunch of theory, because you are going to pick your colors from a chip and don’t really care about your TV or monitor as long as they look right.

Bright & Pastel Color Scheme Interior Design

Pastels tend be soothing while bright colors can be exciting and uplifting. McDonald’s color schemes are there to excite; bright reds and yellows. But most likely if you work in business your office is finished in more subdued color. Ever noticed how blues and bluish grey dominate federal offices? Most kid’s rooms are done in bright colors, with yellows, red and green dominating. But many of us opt for more subtle colors in our bedrooms. Home offices and dens are dominated by earth tones. Personal taste has a lot to do with our choices. Release your inner muse and splash color here and there. Don’t like it? Paint over it and try something new. The challenge is to make the combination of flooring, furniture, walls and drapes work together to project the ambiance that you are trying to communicate.

Interior & Exterior Painting Services & More in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad & Escondido, California

Given what goes into pre-paint preparation many of use would rather have the professionals come and accomplish their magic. Pros have the tools. They have the expertise and experience and a good idea of how to make color to work with your floors and furniture. They paint for a living, so they tend to get the work done quicker, better with less splash and spillage. Call the pros at Ciarlanti Painting for a consultation and estimate today!

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