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Should I Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with Paint or Stain in San Marcos, CA? Variety of Colors & More

Is it time to freshen up your home’s kitchen with refinished cabinets? Repainting the walls and refinishing the cabinets beautifies your kitchen. When refinishing cabinets, often the homeowner will need to decide whether they want the cabinets stained or painted. Stain and paint create their own effects in the kitchen and greatly enhances the overall look and scheme you have chosen. Truly staining or painting comes down to personal preference of the owner and one is not better than the other. However, Jeff The Painter would like to share the difference between paint and stain and what to expect when painting or staining the cabinets.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

When determining whether or not to paint your cabinets, it helps to know the pros as well as the cons to the paint. When painting the cabinets, you have a much bigger variety of colors to choose from. This allows for more options as to which color you can paint your cabinets for best effect. Painted cabinets are often best for a modern theme. The cabinets also look much cleaner as you won’t see the grains in the wood. The paint can also help protect the cabinets from moisture and is easier to clean with the right type of paint. When painting cabinets they often cost more as multiple layers of paint are required. Another aspect to paint is that the paint can crack or peel over time. Additionally, using the wrong paint can make keeping the cabinet cleaning a nightmare. For those who love the look of natural wood, paint will hide the grains and knots in the wood and removes much of the cabinets attributes. When painting cabinets it is recommended to use a spray gun to avoid brush strokes.

Stained Kitchen Cabinetry

Staining cabinets is often preferred for a rustic or country look. However, many modern kitchens blend the natural wood with modern themes together very well. Staining cabinets leaves the grains and knots exposed which brings a bit of nature into the home. Using stain on the cabinets is also cheaper than paint and can go onto the wood cleaner. Even though colors of stain are limited, there is still a great variety of stain colors to choose from. For the bold, you can even mix stains together, creating a custom color all your own. When staining cabinets, it is also recommended to use a clear sealer to help protect the wood from moisture and make them easier to clean. The clear sealer also helps make the cabinets look smoother and less grainy. When cabinets get chipped they are also easily repaired as they can be re-stained quickly. Stained cabinets do have a few disadvantages just like paint. Stained wood reveals blemishes and dust demanding more cleaning and maintenance. For particle wood cabinets, stains look terrible. Particle board cabinets are better suited for paint versus stain.

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When deciding whether to paint or stain your cabinets, it truly comes down to personal taste and how you would like your kitchen to look. If you find you need help refinishing your kitchen cabinets, repainting your home and more, call Jeff The Painter today.

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