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What are People Replacing Acoustic Popcorn Ceilings with in Temecula, CA? Orange Peel & Other Texture

Have you moved into an older home that has popcorn ceilings? During the 70’s and 80’s popcorn ceilings were very popular for several reasons. One of the main reasons was that it was easy and cheap to install. It also hid all of the ceiling’s imperfections. Where it was the cool thing to do back in the 70’s and 80’s, today popcorn ceilings cause most people to shiver. Jeff the Painter will share how to remove popcorn ceilings and what options you have to replace them.

How Do Professionals Remove Acoustic Popcorn Ceilings?

Step 1. Prep – Before you begin removing popcorn stucco, know that some popcorn stucco contains asbestos. When removing popcorn stucco have the room ventilated and wear a good breathing mask. To prep the room that you’re working in, start by removing all of the furniture and cover the windows, walls, and floor with plastic sheets. Lastly, remove all of the light fixtures. With the room prepped you can now begin the first part of the removal process.
Step 2. Moisten the Stucco – In order to remove popcorn stucco you will need to dampen it first. The stucco can dry quickly so it is better to work in sections. Using a hand pump, use regular water and spray 4 to 5 square feet and let the water absorb for about 15 minutes.
Step 3. Remove the Popcorn Stucco – You will need a metal scraper, but make sure it’s not too sharp. You can damage the drywall on the ceiling if the blade is too sharp. With the stucco damp, you can simply scrape it off one section at a time. You may want to clean the popcorn stucco chunks as you go to help reduce the amount of possible asbestos. Repeat step two and three until al of the popcorn stucco has been removed.
Step 4. Ceiling Repairs – Any cracks, holes, or any damages should be repaired after the ceiling is completely dry. Once you have repaired any cracks and holes on the ceiling you can apply your new ceiling surface.

How Do You Modernize a Ceiling?

There are a number of options for ceiling surfaces. If you’re not sure what you want, but you just know you don’t want popcorn, check out all of your options. There are a number of materials used for ceilings to create a unique and dramatic look. Your home design as well as the location of the ceiling you’re changing will help determine which type of ceiling you may want to use.
Beam or Faux Beam Ceilings – For tall or vaulted ceilings, wood beams and even faux wood beams have a great and rustic feel. For a modern look you can still use beams. However they look best when used on level rows and with white steel beams versus wood.
Ceiling Planks – Covering the ceiling with wood planks can create a modern or rustic feel. It will depend on the color and texture of the wood or panels you choose. You can find real wood, composite, or even plastic panels used as ceiling planks.
Ceiling Tile – You also can choose a wondrous variety of ceiling tiles. There are a number of ornamental tiles, varying in color, shape, and design. You can create a dramatic look using ceiling tiles.
Ceiling Texture – If you want something quick and simple, you can simply reapply a new texture like orange peel for example.

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Jeff the Painter hopes we were able to help guide you on how to remove popcorn stucco and give you a few innovative idea on creating a new ceiling surface and design. If you need our services, call Jeff the Painter to meet all your painting related needs today.

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