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Is Spring the Best Season to Paint Outdoors in Rancho Santa Fe, CA? Optimal Exterior Painting Weather & More

Many people choose spring to get projects done around the house. Most start with spring cleaning, preparing the yard for the summer, and other such projects. Among the tasks that are involved in spring chores, painting the exterior of the home is often considered. Today, we at Jeff the Painter would like to discuss why springtime is such a great time to paint the exterior of your home.

Increased Convenience

A convenient time to schedule your exterior paint job is springtime. For this type of project, April to May is the sweet spot. Compared to the summer months, it is less busy. While spending time in your outdoor space through the spring and into the summer, it also gives you plenty of time to enjoy your brand-new exterior paint.

Optimal Weather for Painting Outside

A factor to consider is when it rains, high humidity, and accelerated temperatures, and snow in areas where it snows, it is not easy to paint a home’s exterior. In high moisture, paint won’t apply properly, and heat will cause it to blister and crack. though there’s no guarantee which days those will be, there might be more mild days sprinkled throughout summer and winter. Considering this, a scheduling issue can be posed. For exterior painting, spring days are ideal. Your chances of scheduling your service on a mild day are far greater during this time of year while there might be some days that aren’t ideal for painting.

Painting Cost

Spring will be an even more appealing time to invest in an exterior paint project if you are a sucker for a good deal. Painters are eager to get business rolling again after a long winter of slow business. They will often offer more competitive prices on exterior services in an effort to attract more customers.

Less Foliage to Get in the Way of Painting

Just starting to bud in the springtime are the trees, bushes, and vegetation. In order to paint, you won’t have to cut down the vegetation your way to the exterior wall of your home, as a result. Making this a major advantage to spring painting. To freely paint every inch of your exterior unobstructed, you or your painter will have easy access.

Painting to Prepare House for Sale

Also, spring is the most popular time to sell your home. You will be competing with a tsunami of other would-be home sellers during this time if you are planning on putting your abode on the market. Painting your exterior could be a great option if you want to stand out and add value to your home. To greatly improve your curb appeal, painting is a cost-effective project.

Daylight Hours are Longer

The spring offers plenty of sunlight to work with though the days getting longer and longer. For outdoor projects, the shorter days of fall and winter aren’t as convenient. You can knock out an exterior paint job in one day with some sunshine to spare after Daylight Savings.

Fresh Start

All about new beginnings is spring. For a fruitful duration of the year, it is time to usher in lively energy ripe with possibilities. It can be the ideal time to breathe life into your home as the trees and flowers come back to life. Giving it a new coat of paint is the perfect way to refresh your exterior.

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