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Should I Paint My Garage Door the Same Color as My White, Grey, Beige or Other House Color in Carlsbad, CA?

When you think about your garage door, do you realize that it makes up a significant portion of the front of your home? This is why choosing the right garage door and the right garage door color is important. When you change your garage door, it can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your home, and that includes picking the right color. Jeff the Painter is here to share some tips to help you pick the right garage door color for your garage doors.

Most Popular Color for Garage Doors is White

Do you think you can guess the most often used color for garage doors? If you guess white, you got it! White is universally the most often chosen color for garage doors. This is because it can blend with almost any color scheme. It offers homeowners a crisp, clean appearance for their garage door that will compliment every design and finish.

What Color Garage Door with White, Grey, Beige or Other Color House?

When it comes to choosing the right garage door color for your home, you need to take into consideration the colors that you are already working with. Most homeowners want their garage door color to compliment the rest of the home’s exterior. The best way to do that is to choose a garage door color that works well with the colors that are already there. You can often have a painter match the color of your garage door with the color of your home or the trim on your home exactly as well.

Garage Door Material

You want the color your choose for your garage door to compliment the material that your garage door is made of as well. If you have wooden garage doors, you may not want to choose a color, but a stain instead for your garage door. You may have garaged doors that are aluminum, steel or vinyl; all of which require certain steps to properly prepare the surface and while steel is best painted with latex-based paint, aluminum needs to have oil-based paint to give you the best results.

Should I Paint My Garage Door the Same Color as My House

Another consideration to make is whether or not you want your garage door to stand out or not. If you are wanting it to blend in with your home, you may want to have it match the color of your home. For those that are looking to have their garage door stand out and make a statement, they may choose to have their garage doors the color of the trim on their home. Wooden garage doors that are stained also offer a contrasting color that is more likely to make a statement.

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If you are wanting to paint your garage doors, you can count on the experts at Jeff the Painter to do an exceptional job. We will help you choose the right color that will leave your home looking beautiful. Call us today!

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