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How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home Interior in Bonsall, CA; Testing on Walls, Virtual Painting Visualizer & More

Have you ever painted your home a color only to discover it looks nothing like the paint chip or color in the store? You are not alone. Often paint samples never look the same on the walls as it does in the stores. This is a common problem as the homeowner never considers how the sheen or the home’s lighting affects the color. To know how a paint color will look inside your home, Jeff the Painter will share how you can test paint inside your home before investing in a total painting project.

How to Test Paint Colors for Your Home

When testing different paint colors, many people will bring home a variety of colors and paint a small spot on the wall. Often they will have three or four colors of paint in a row to see what color or sheen looks best on the walls in your home. It may seem like common sense, but this is a mistake. The colors will bleed through the paint you choose and leave noticeable discolored patches on the walls. In order to correct this problem you will need to paint prime over the paint on the wall before you can move forward to your painting projects. This can add more time and cost to your project. Instead of painting directly on the wall, buy thin board or pieces of wood, then lean or hang them on the wall. Make sure the paint is fully dry as the colors change as the paint dries. When the paint sample boards are on the wall, look at the colors during different times of the day. The natural day light will change and so will the color. Make sure you love the color and sheen throughout the entire day. Additionally, at night when the lights are on inside the home, the color can be influenced by the color of light bulbs. You must also approve of the color with artificial light as well as natural light. Next, look at your paint sample board and contrast them with your furniture and décor. Most people never consider whether or not the paint color works wells with the rest of the home décor or furniture colors. Also consider the accent color you plan to use. It is recommended to get a small paint sample of the accent color you want to use and paint them on the sample board. Make sure the color works well together and goes along with the décor. These are some of the tests you can do at home.

Online House Paint Visualizer

For those who would rather rely on technology and avoid the hassle of buying sample paint and painting sample boards, you can use online paint tester programs. There are many online paint tester programs that allow you to take a picture of the desired room and upload the photo into a painting tester program. You can select the color and often sheen and see how the colors, as well as the accent color, will work inside your home. Using a painting tester program can make testing paint much easier. However, it is not completely accurate as actually bringing the paint into your home and seeing the paint in person. Painting test programs are fairly close and as long as you are open to mild alterations, online paint test program may be right for you.

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