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Best Time to Paint House Exterior in Del Mar, CA; When is the Temperature too Hot or Cold for Paint Outside & More?

Outdoor projects are frequently put off until the weather is preferable. Waiting for optimal weather for the various projects is common to ensure the end result is at the maximum potential and this particularly applies to painting the exterior of your home. When getting the exterior of your home painted, and to reach the desired results, making sure the weather conditions are ideal is important. We at Jeff the Painter would like to discuss the best weather to perform exterior painting for your California home, especially since the California weather can be unpredictable.

Ideal Temperature & Humidity for Exterior Painting

Though 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the best for exterior house painting, when it comes to the optimal temperatures, between 50- and 90- degrees Fahrenheit is doable. Too high temperatures will accelerate the curing of the paint that impedes best results and for the best performance and long-term results slower cured paint is required. The performance of the paint can decrease when painting the exterior when it is too cool, even nights that follow a fresh paint job in optimal weather temperatures, temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit is not ideal. To maximize the results of your paint and to benefit from the performance in the event are taking on the exterior painting job yourself, make sure to understand which paint products you are investing in and use them according to the temperatures of the weather.

Acceptable Moisture Content when Painting

Painting just before or just after it rains or when it has been excessively dry should be avoided. Should it have rained prior to painting day, your house likely would have absorbed moisture. Before you start painting, it is important the walls are fully dried. Despite the obviousness of this tip, it needs to be said, never attempt to paint in the rain. This will end up being the worst paint job and significantly reduce the performance if the paint. If the rain is in the near forecast, avoid painting as freshly applied paint can create problems. Humid conditions can be reasonable to paint in as the moisture in the air helps slow down the curing process and the paint’s performance is ultimately enhanced when it is slowed. However, do note that excessive humidity can be an indication of rain in the near future.

Professional Painting Contractor Services

Your choice of house painter will be even more important than the meteorological conditions if you are hiring a professional, though that can have a significant impact on the quality of your exterior paint. In addition to ensuring the weather is optimal, they make sure to utilize top-quality products that are applicable for your climate and they follow procedure to maximize the project, when selecting a team of professionals.

Exterior House Painting & More in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad & Escondido, California

When you need exterior painting, contact Jeff the Painter and let our professionals take care of your home. To ensure the end result is remarkable and the quality of the paint will last for years to come, our experts will schedule your exterior painting project when the weather will maximize the performance of the paint.

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