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Painting Shiplap in Valley Center, CA; What Paint Color & Finish to Use on Tongue & Groove Shiplap Walls & More

Do you have shiplap in your home that needs a bit of repainting? Shiplap is a popular trend that has been installed in many home along the walls and even the ceilings. Shiplap varies in surfacing. Some is natural wood that is stained or painted, while others are vinyl and are typically painted. When your home’s shiplap has seen better days and it is time to repaint the shiplap’s surface, it is not like repainting typical walls. Jeff the Painter will share how to properly repaint shiplap.

Best Paint for Shiplap

When painting shiplap you will first want to use the right type of paint for the project. For best results shiplap looks best when painted with a water-based all in one paint and primer. When picking out the sheen, shiplap looks best with a flat sheen such as a matte. Shiplap looks bad with a super reflective surface and looks best with a matte or satin sheen. You can also use an eggshell. However, most people prefer matte or satin. When buying paint for shiplap it is recommended to always stick with a water-based all in one paint and primer with a matte or satin sheen.

Painting Shiplap

If Possible, Paint Shiplap Before Installation – With the right type of paint and color ready for your painting project, you can now begin preparing your shiplap. If you are installing shiplap for the first time, it is recommended that you paint it before you install. It is much easier to paint the shiplap before it is on the walls.
Painting Shiplap Material – When painting shiplap you will need to determine the material. Depending on the material there may be different steps you will need to take. For example, engineered wood will need to have a sealer put on before the paint. Real wood may need to be sanded down smooth and then painted if the paint is flaking off or the wood feels super rough. Additionally, you will want to fill in any holes and make repairs to the shiplap if needed. When filling in holes, cracks or dents in the shiplap, use a stainable or paintable wood filler. After filling in the holes and cracks make sure to sand it down with a fine grain sand paper. You will want the filler to be smooth and level with the rest of the shiplap. Additionally, make sure that before painting the shiplap, you wipe them down with a damp cloth as the surface must be clean.
Painting Preparation – If the shiplap is on the walls or ceiling you will want to place a drop cloth along the painting site to prevent paint from getting on the floor. You will want to use a paint roller and a good quality paint brush. For painting shiplap, use a 3/4 inch nap roller. Never oversoak the roller when painting the shiplap. Use the brush as needed, and typically to fit in the tighter spaces. It is common to need two coats of paint. Never paint a second coat while the first coat is still wet.

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When painting shiplap you will want to be sure to properly prepare the surface. Use the right paint and take your time in between coats. If you find you need help painting your home’s shiplap or other surfaces, contact Jeff the Painter today.

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