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How Long to Let Latex / Acrylic Paint Dry Before Second Coat & Hanging Pictures or Putting Things on it in Vista, CA

Though the transformation that comes with interior painting is exciting to see, nobody can confess to enjoying watching the paint dry. It is very important to know how long paint takes to dry to ensure you do not ruin your newly painted walls. To further elaborate on this subject, we at Jeff the Painter would like to share some insight today. In the drying and curing process, there three primary stages for average interior house paints. The main stages are the paint dry to the touch, ready for a second coat, and fully cured. As we continue discussing this, keep in mind that this is for typical latex/acrylic interior paints.

Touch Dry Paint

The interior painting dry to the touch stage. After approximately an hour, your interior paint should be dry to the touch. In the event the cat brushes against the wall the paint won’t end up with paint on its fur. With the paint during this 1st stage, there will not be any marring of the surface should your hand or clothing makes incidental contact.

How Long to Let Paint Dry Before Second Coat

For a second coat of paint most interior paints are ready after about four hours. In the event you move too quickly with the second coat, you are likely to end up with bubbling, dripping, or running paint. Below are a few tips to maximize your interior painting day.
1) At the time you finish each wall, make a note of the time. You can start recoating each wall when it is ready that way as opposed to waiting four hours from the time you finished the last wall.
2) If the humidity is too high and need to reduce it, you can run a dehumidifier or air conditioner. Do not bring the level too low, however since interior paint cures best with moderate humidity.
3) A fan is also a good way in order to promote air circulation for faster recoating time. Just make certain you are not spreading hair or dust onto the surface of your freshly painted walls.

Latex / Acrylic Paint Cure Time

In order to achieve the fully cured stage, you need to wait two to four weeks. Once it is completely cured, be sure to gently wash the surface. It has full resistance to scrapes, scuffs, and stains by this stage.

How Long to Let Paint Dry Before Hanging Pictures or Putting Things on It

Before returning furniture and pictures to their normal places, it is probably not appealing to many people from the idea of waiting 2-4 weeks. Prior to replacing your furniture fortunately, you do not need to wait the full curing time. One day is generally enough time to wait, though to or three days might be better, just to be safe.

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