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Pros of Accent Wall Designs with Paint in Solana Beach, CA; Make a Focal Point in Room, Best Colors & More

Accent walls can greatly enhance a room if they are done correctly. Many homeowners often wonder whether or not they should do an accent wall or keep the room one solid color. Accent walls have many benefits when incorporated inside the home. Jeff the Painter will share the benefits and best applications of accent walls throughout the home.

Make a Focal Point in the Room with an Accent Wall

With the use of an accent wall you can bring attention to or create a focal point to certain features inside the home. One great example is a wall fireplace. You can accent the fireplace and its mantel with an accent wall. For those who have a wall dedicated to pictures of family or life’s events, you can use an accent wall as a focal point. Accent walls are a great way to bring attention to any feature inside the home.

Accent Wall Designs with Paint

An accent wall is a great way to bring more dimension to awkwardly shaped rooms as well. At times a room inside the home may have odd shapes or design. Using an accent wall can help make oddly shaped rooms feel better and a bit feel more unique. When using the right colors, you can make the wall pop out and look really good. However, using the wrong color can make oddly shaped rooms look worse and it doesn’t give the look you were hoping for. To create a dimensional room by using accent colors, be sure to stay with contemporary colors for the accent wall or walls. Especially, in smaller rooms, avoid too dark a color even for accent walls.

How to Choose Accent Wall

When using an accent wall it is important to use the right wall to make the rest of the room pop. When using an accent wall you will first want to determine which wall will be perfect. Look at the design of the room. The best accent wall are those that you see when you first walk into the room. The accent wall will point to and enhance the features you will want to bring focus to. However, you can use an accent wall that has a unique architectural feature in the home even if it is not the first wall you see when entering a room.

Best Accent Wall Colors

When painting an accent wall it is important to use the right colors. An accent wall is just that, you want to bring attention to the walls. You will want to use color that works together but bring attention to the accent walls. When deciding to use an accent know your “color theory”. Certain colors work well together where others simply do not. When picking colors, match the right color together. For example, purple and yellow work well together, or you can combine red and blues or gray with blue and or greens.

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When wanting to use an accent wall look at references and seek professional consultation and painting services. For quality painting services, contact Jeff the Painter and schedule today.

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