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Front Door Paint Colors in Lake San Marcos, CA; Painting Doors Red, Orange, Blue & More

When you are ready to make a change to your home in terms of the paint you want to look at the areas that you can upgrade. The house itself has paint on many of the surfaces from the interior walls, exterior walls, trim, baseboards, ceiling, and molding. The paint that you choose for each of these areas can be different and the finish that usually is used is different as well. You want to make sure that the paint that you choose is something that you can enjoy after the fact and when you place all the d├ęcor back on the wall. One of the trends that many homeowners are choosing to take advantage of is to paint the front door a bold or fun color. Out with the old white standard door and in with a door that makes a bigger impact. The interesting thing is that you want the door to not clash with the rest of the house but you also want to make sure you know what the color says about you. Jeff The Painter outlines what each color means when you choose it for your front door.

Colonial, Royal or Other Blue Front Doors

A color that you can choose for your front door can be a shade of blue. A blue paint can be a great color to tie in the rest of the house as well. Blue comes in many shades from a calming light blue to a dramatic dark blue. The meaning behind a blue door is that you are peaceful and that you want to always know the truth. You also value the good things in life and want to always be in a good space with friends and family.

Modern Orange Front Door

One of the colors that people choose for their front door paint is orange. There are many shades of orange that you can choose from bold and bright to light or even a more burnt color. The color orange is a great color if you want to portray that you want to be out and social all the time. The orange color also will tell your guests that you love to be the one to host a party and to entertain your friends and family. Orange is also a color that tells you that you are up for a challenge and this is a great way to show this to your home.

Red Front Door Meaning

A red door has been a trend for a long time. The color red is a great door color and has been for a long time but it is a good idea to know what it might mean. The color red long ago was only used on doors that offered boarding and space for travelers. Now the door means somewhat of the same things and just says that you have a welcoming household. It is a color that will also represent that you are living your life to the fullest.

Stained Exterior Front Door

You can also go with a more traditional look and have your door stained to accentuate the natural lines of the wood. The natural wood is a great way to show that you are a down to earth person and that you like to enjoy a life that is grounded and balanced. It is also a choice that gives your entry way a beautiful option.

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