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How to Prepare Exterior Walls for Painting in Valley Center, CA; Clear a Walkway Around House for Painters & More

There are lots of people that are choosing to have work done on the outside their home. One reason is that more people are home and are noticing that needed work has been overlooked. The other reason is that the spring is the time of year that people get out of the house and want to make updates and repairs to their home. The weather is nice and the sun is shining bright. One of the most popular projects to have done in the spring and the summer is painting the exterior of your house. The exterior of the house takes a beating through the years and the paint can start to look faded and dirty. The best way to correct that and give your home a facelift is to have the home painted. You can take some time to choose the right color combination that you love. Once you have chosen the paint and you hire a painter to do the job you need to make sure you are prepared. Jeff the Painter outlines how to prepare to have your exterior house painted.

Where To Park when Having House Painted

One of the things you want to make sure you are prepared to do is find space to park. Most people pull the car in the garage or they park in the driveway. You also might park in front of your house on the curb. The problem is you need to have the area in front of your house cleared and that means having a spot to park for the day. This might mean that you need to park a ways from the house or talk to your neighbors about the intrusion for the day. You also want to make sure you take your car out of the garage to make sure that you have access to it when the house is being painted.

Clear a Walkway Around House when Painting Exterior

The next step you want to make sure you take is a walk around the house. This is so that you can see what is around the house that might be problematic for the painters. They will need to have access to the house from top to the bottom. When you walk around take note about any debris that might be around the house and have them removed. You can move bikes or kids toys that are out. You may need to move ladders or pool equipment that might be up near the house. You want to also take care of any growth from trees or bushes that might be around the house. They might need to be cut back or cleared away so that they can access the house.

Let Painters Work

Once they are out there and ready to work you want to make sure that you are not interfering. The best thing you can do is give them the space that they need to work. That is why it is a good idea to get what you need from the house before they start. They have to tape off areas and set their equipment up. Once they start you want to make sure that you stay clear until the job is done.

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