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How to Tell when Your House in Solana Beach, CA Needs Painting; Cracking Paint, Mold on Outside of Home & More

Do you remember the last time the outside of your home was painted? Painting is essential in keeping the exterior of the home protected from the elements. As paint ages it can become weaker and allow the exterior materials of your home to become damaged. To ensure the home remains protected, Ciarlanti Painting will share a few signs that it is time to repaint your home.

Damaged Wood & Stucco

Paint doesn’t just look attractive and boost curb appeal. It also protects the surface of the home. Therefore, when the wood or stucco show signs of damages the paint is no longer doing its job. When stucco is cracking or the wood has begun to rot, the exterior surface material will need to be repaired and repainted. The home should be repainted well before damages set in. If damages are present, it is a clear sign that your home is past due for a new coat of paint.

Peeling, Bubbling or Cracking Paint

As paint begins to weaken, areas along the home exterior may begin to peel, bubble or crack. Peeling, cracking, or bubbling paint can allow the different elements to damage the surface of the home. Water exposure can cause mold and wood rot to develop. Intense wind can blow off large pieces of cracked paint and the sunlight can dry and damage the outside of the home. When peeling, bubbling, or cracking begins to occur on the exterior surface of your home, it is time to repaint.

Old Cracked Caulking

Caulking is used in various areas around the home. Caulking helps to seal in the tiny gaps around windows, doors, and other features on the outside of the home. The paint should cover over the caulking to make sure that the caulking is protected. When the caulking develops cracks, the paint is no longer protecting the caulking. Remove the cracked caulking and refill the gaps with new caulking and then repaint the home.

Mold, Mildew or Water Stains on Outside of House

Mold or water stain that are on the surface of the home is never a good sign. Mold or water stain in the home means there could be deeper water damage within the walls of the home. When mold or water stains occur on the outside of the home, often the paint isn’t doing its job. Again, mold and water stain is a sign that the home needs to be repainted. However, make sure to remove the mold and investigate the water stains first so as to make sure the damage doesn’t go deeper into the walls of the home.

Exterior Paint Fading

One of the earlier signs that it is time to repaint the home is when the paint’s color fades or distorts. If the paint appears discolored, now is the time to repaint the home. Faded paint shows that the paint is aged and beginning to weaken. It is recommended to repaint the home before major damage occurs. Never wait until more dramatic signs occur. Fading is the first sign that tells you it is time to repaint the home. Never put off or neglect your home paint to ensure the care of your home’s exterior.

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