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What Paint Colors Make a Small Room Look Bigger & Brighter in Vista, CA? Off White, Light Gray, Neutral & More

For those who have rooms in their home that are dark and small, it is critical to find the right paint color. The right color of paint can help make a room feel bigger and brighter. The right color paint in a small room can dramatically change the feel and look of the room. Jeff the Painter will share a few tips on painting smaller rooms to create a comfortable, open feel.

White & Off-White Paint Colors to Make a Room Look Brighter

When you have a small room with poor light, white is a color that never fails. White will create an open and clean feel to the home. Additionally, white can help reflect light making the area feel brighter. Bright white colors are great in smaller rooms with little to no natural light. However, many people don’t like to use a bright white color as they can feel boring. If this is you, you can also use off-white colors such as cream or eggshell. The yellowish tint to off white can help make the atmosphere feel warmer. If you fear that white colors are boring, you can also use a bold accent color for the trim or furniture. As white is a completely neutral color, you are free to bring whatever color you wish into the room. For smaller rooms, it is recommended to have both the walls and ceiling painted a white to make the room fill bigger.

Light Gray Paint Colors for Small Rooms

Another very popular option is to paint smaller areas a light gray color. Grays are one of the top trending colors to use all over the home. Gray brings a cozier feel to a home and its lighter pigments help make smaller rooms feel bigger. However, be careful with the type of light used in the room as grays are easily influenced by the light, which alters the look of the color. Gray colors also work with a wide spectrum of accent colors from blues, pinks, purple, and yellows. If you want to bring in brighter colors, you will have more freedom with gray.

Warm Neutral Colors for Rooms with Little Natural Light

If you want to bring some warmth into your small room but want to make it feel brighter and more open, then consider warm neutral colors. Consider colors such as light blush, tans, light yellows, or light lavenders. The warmth behind the right color can attract light and really open up a room. With neutral warm colors you can use white accent colors for the stronger color. If you’re using very light colors, you’re able to use a deep saturation of other colors.

Bold & Bright Colors for Small, Dark Room

Certain colors can attract light which helps bring warmth into a dark room. The brighter or warmer the room feels, the bigger and more open it becomes. There are some bold colors that can achieve this concept. Colors such as charcoal blue or bright orange can help make a room feel more open. Some other suggestions are using navy blue or a charcoal color for an accent wall against a lighter color. Accent walls create a dimensional affect. Use the right colors and it can make a room look and feel longer.

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When painting smaller rooms, consider using these tips to help make the room feel bright and more comfortable. For quality painting services and more, contact Ciarlanti Painting today.

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