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How to Modernize Your Home in Bonsall, CA; Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Fix Drywall Dents, Paint House & More

When you are looking to buy a house you are naturally looking for desired or needed qualities and amenities. This means that you might be looking at the amount of bedrooms or bathrooms. You also might be looking at the size of the lot or the square footage of the house. There are also people that want to have an open concept while others like the intimate nature of a home that is quartered off. The great thing is that if you can see past some of the flaws of the house you can get a good deal and make these changes when you are ready to move in. There are some changes that you can make that will update the house and bring it into a new and more modern look. Jeff the Painter suggests updates you can make to your home to upgrade the look.

Removing Popcorn Ceilings

One of the things you can overlook when you are buying a house are the popcorn ceilings. The popcorn or acoustic ceilings are something that really took off in the 50’s and stayed a big deal until the 80’s. This is a material that was sold as a way to add some layer of protection and noise control. The issue that we now know is that the materials that were used are not good for your health. This is a main reason that you want to have them removed. You also should have them removed because it dates the house and makes it feel old. You can call a professional out to remove the acoustic ceiling and refinish the area so that it can have a nice clean fresh coat of paint.

Fix Dents & Holes in Drywall

Another problem that you will find when you buy a house that other people have lived is damage. The most common level of damage is the drywall in the house. The drywall is what covers the walls in the house that is then textured and painted. The drywall can end up with dents, dings and holes that you want to make sure are repaired. The drywall repair is something that should be done by a professional. They have the expertise to do the repairs so that they are not sticking out and can be seen when they are completed. These repairs are a great way to make sure that the house is up to date and looks great.

Paint Your House

You want to make sure that a step you take to bring your home up to speed is to choose paint colors. The paint that is currently on the walls may not be something that you love or it may not fit the décor that you are looking to add to the house. The great thing is that a fresh coat of paint can make a major impact on the house. You want to make sure that you choose colors that are on trend and fit what you want your home to look like. You may want a clean and crisp grey or a natural tan. You also might want to bring nature in the house with a cool blue or a beautiful green. You want to lay out what colors you want in which rooms in advance and have the work done at the same time.

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