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How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your Escondido, CA House; Jewel Tones Color Palette & More

The exterior home design is one of the primary elements of your house’s curb appeal. There are many color schemes that people are using more often that provide some spice to really bring some life into their outdoor space. For your dream exterior design, consider popular color combinations and learning about how to decide which is best for you is the first step in planning. There are several inspirations you can get from nature and we at Jeff the Painter would like to share a few.

How to Choose the Perfect Tones

Prior to diving into the paint chip samples and color cards below is a few recommendations that can help to guide and simplify your decision.
– Check your home’s roof for some inspiration, particularly if it is an uncommon material, like metal or terracotta.
– Benefit from your home’s intricate details.
– Choose colors that complement these, as you consider the elements you will not paint, like stone or brick.
– Recreate the original color scheme or something close to it if your home is older.
– Take advantage of the home’s unique architectural elements by painting accents with two or three different colors to add dimension.

Jewel Tones Exterior Color Palette

When you are exploring different exterior home design trends, jewel tones can never be wrong. A few colors that fall into this category are oranges, reds, blues, greens, and purples. Since the selection of colors is diverse, it is easy to find them in both dark and light versions. Jewel tones are an ideal choice for Victorian homes because you can combine several colors to create a literal masterpiece.

Nature Inspired Color Schemes

With a diverse array of greens, blues, and browns are basic colors of nature and they offer a natural and relaxed touch to house exterior design. There are many options associated with it offer a feeling of serenity and wholeness, research shows that nature by adding a level of depth that nothing else can provide. When you utilize nature-inspired colors for your home’s exterior, you can essentially bring these good vibes to your property.

Neutral Paint Colors for the Outside of Your House

In the event you read about home design, you see a lot about using a neutral color scheme, especially focused on selling. With colors in this category are timeless, you are allowed you to show off texture. They are ideal for all style personalities and combine well with bright accents if you want to make a bolder change in the future. A few common neutral colors include the whites and brown as well as creams and grays.

Paint Contrast

If you have a love of both light and dark colors, you can find ways to make them work together. When opting for this combination, consider the lighter colors for most of your home. Ideal examples are beige or ivory and should be used as the main color palette. Take one or two darker hues, like a deep blue or a plum purple and use them to paint doors and window frames to create a striking contrast.

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