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How to Choose Coordinating Exterior Paint Color Combinations in Poway, CA; How Lighting Affects Colors & More

There is nothing that will dramatically change the look of the outside of your home quite like a fresh coat of paint. If you decide to change the color of your home, it can make a dramatic difference in the way your home looks. As you are sitting in front of the paint sample aisle at your local hardware store, it doesn’t take long to realize that there are more color possibilities than you could have ever imagined. Jeff the Painter is here to share some tips to help you make the right choice when it comes to the color of the outside of your home.

Choose the Light, Mid or Dark Paint Shade

As a homeowner embarks on choosing the right color for their home, they most likely have it narrowed down to the type of color their want. The thing that homeowners need to consider is the shade they are looking for. What shade of blue do you want? You can choose from light, mid-tone or dark-tone. In basic terms, do you want your home to be a dark color or a light color?

House & Roof Color Schemes

Another thing to take into consideration when choosing a paint color is the color of your roof. If you have a roof that is black or dark grey, it can pretty much pair with anything. If you have warm red and brown tones in your roof, you need to probably stick with warmer colors for your home.

How Lighting Affects Paint Color

Have you ever noticed that when you put your paint sample in different lights it looks completely different. This is why it is so important that you consider light when choosing your paint for your home. Daylight/sunlight will make colors look much cooler than they do in other settings. You will likely need to go 2-3 times warmer on your exterior paint to get the tone that you are looking for.

Paint Color Samples

By this time, you have likely settled on the shade and narrowed down the color that you want on your home. The next thing you will want to do is get several samples and try them out. Seriously, you can’t try too many. You may find that the sample you liked the least is the one that you end up choosing because colors look so drastically different when they are put on your home and in different lighting situations. When it comes to samples, the more the better to help you narrow down the color that you are looking for.

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If you are struggling as you try to decide on the right color for your home, you can rely on the color specialists at Jeff the Painter to help you make the right choice. We have years of experience and can help you achieve the look you are after for the exterior of your home with our exterior painting services. Call us today!

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