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Exterior Painting FAQ in Rainbow, CA; Do You Have to Wash a House First? How Many Coats of Paint & More

There are many elements to a home’s maintenance needs where homeowners have questions, especially when hiring a professional is involved. Since homes are a long-term investment, most homeowners want to ensure maintenance needs are not only met but are done well. We know there are many questions consumers have when it comes to major projects, like exterior painting of your home’s involvement. With this in mind, we at Jeff the Painter would like to answer a handful of frequently asked questions to conveniently give you answers surrounding exterior painting services.

Question: How often to paint exterior of house?

Answer: With determining circumstances that accelerate the deterioration of the paint, homeowners can expect the paint on the exterior of their home to wear over time. Indicating you need a fresh paint job is when the paint on the exterior peels, crack, fades, or is simply outdated. Generally, however, homeowners need to paint the exterior less often than the interior.

Question: How to prepare for exterior painters.

Answer: To ensure safety and prevent paint splatters, usually professionals take care of most of the necessary preparation work that is needed. Homeowners need to be sure to do what is asked of their professional and to help, make certain to remove the clutter and objects away from the house to expedite the process.

Question: Can a stucco house be painted?

Answer: Stucco textured houses can and should be painted and a professional can make the process simple and more effective. A licensed specialist has the expertise and is armed with the right tools and equipment to paint the exterior of your home, whatever the surface may be.

Question: When the experts paint, is it safe for my lawn and landscaping?

Answer: To protect the permanent fixtures, decking, lawns, and gardens, your reputable professional avoids any risks and is always respectful to your property.

Question: What causes peeling of exterior paint?

Answer: There are quite a few examples such as old paint, climate conditions, low-quality paint, poorly applicated, and the composition of the paint as the paint that is peeling can be due to a number of single or combined circumstances.

Question: How many coats of paint on exterior?

Answer: Professionals recommend a minimum of 2 coats of paint for superior coverage and protection though in some instances you may need an additional coat. A reputable expert can get the job done efficiently and quickly even with multiple coats of paint in far less time than a DIY project.

Question: Do you have to wash a house before painting?

Answer: To help make sure a smooth, crisp, and clean application of exterior paint on the surface it is important that the surface is pressure cleaned to remove the dirt and debris. To include power washing and time to dry before painting, it is always in your best interest to allow your professional ultimately.

Exterior House Painting, Pressure Washing & More in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad & Escondido, California

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