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How to Tell if Mold has Been Painted Over & How to Treat Mold Before Painting in Your Home in Oceanside, CA

When mold is found developing inside your home you may wonder what you should do about it. Many people will think to dump bleach all over the wall, others may try painting over it in an effort to stop mold from spreading. However, this may not actually work. Mold is a hazardous substance and should be treated correctly. Jeff the Painter will go in depth about what steps you should take to treat mold in your home and if or when to paint over the mold.

Mold Must Be Treated Before Painting

There are thousands of species of mold and some can be hazardous to human health. Many can lead to a number of illnesses and even death. Mold that is found in the home should always be treated as if it is dangerous. Without testing the mold, which most people will not take the time to do, you will never know what type of mold is in your home. If there is mold inside your home that spreads out over 10 square feet, it is important to properly treat the mold to kill it and stop it from spreading. When found,it is recommended to seek a professional mold treatment service to kill the mold inside your home. Additionally, you will need to determine the cause of the mold. Most mold develops in moist and warm environments. Excessive moisture should not occur inside the home. Seek out the cause of the moisture and repair the problem. Next, you will want to treat the mold on the wall or ceiling. You will want to use a mold killer or bleach on the walls. Afterward, it is recommended to paint the wall. However, do not skip treating the mold and repairing the cause. Mold must be treated and killed before painting.

Mold Killing Paint

When repainting the wall that has mold, you will want to use a good primer before you paint. Use a product that is designed to protect walls from moisture and mold. Kilz is a common prime used for painting over sites that has mold or is prone to developing mold. Thoroughly paint the Kilz primer on the wall or ceiling. You will want to cover the mold completely. Next you can repaint the wall in your color of choice. Make sure when repainting the wall that had mold, that you use a good quality paint. Avoid cheap paints as they may peel in areas prone to mold and let moisture back into the wall. It is also recommended to put at least two coats of paint on the wall regardless if it needs it or not. The thicker coat of paint will help protect the wall and prevent moisture from damaging the wall in the future.

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Signs that mold has been painted over include spots with a yellow hue, cracked, peeling, bubbling, or chipped paint and/or an even wall surface. Essentially, you will want to repaint the wall that has been infected with mold. However, don’t paint over the mold or leave it on the wall. It must be treated first. If mold is left on the wall and you simply paint over it, the mold is not gone and can develop within the inner wall and cause the paint to peel and bubble. Also treat the wall and cover it with a primer before painting it. For quality painting services, contact Ciarlanti Painting and schedule our services today!

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