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How Do You Refresh Painted Kitchen Cabinets in San Marcos, CA? Popular Colors & More

Your entire kitchen is impacted by the cabinets, and if the older kitchen cabinets are worn or outdated finish, it is negatively affected. Refreshing the style of your kitchen can be done quickly and for less cost with painting since replacing cabinets is a large and expensive undertaking. Do not be afraid to paint, even if you currently have a wood or metal finish on your kitchen cabinets. Fresh paint will give them a new look and can change the entire atmosphere in your kitchen if they are looking worn. Today, we at Jeff the Painter would like to share how paint can refresh your cabinets and your kitchen.

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

The color you choose is crucial since kitchen cabinets take up the majority of space in the kitchen. Bright or light colors can open up a tight space and too dark of a color in a small kitchen can be overwhelming. you can choose neutral colors for a quiet and serene style, or to bring energy into the space liven up the room with bold colors.
Grey. If you are looking for elegance, grey is a color that is very trendy in kitchens and it blends well with various accents and fixtures options. With the many shades of gray available, you can create the look you are looking for.
White. White cabinets are very popular in modern kitchens and a classic favorite. With almost any counter or wall color, it is fresh and inviting and looks good.
Deep Jewel Tones. A new trend in kitchen colors is jewel tones if you have the space and want to add color. To avoid becoming overpowering use darker hues of emerald, amethyst, black or sapphire sparingly, though it can embolden your kitchen.

What Kind of Paint is Most Durable for Kitchen Cabinets?

There are many other colors and styles that can suit your style and personality. Be sure the paint color you use for your cabinets complement the other colors used in the kitchen, including the paint on the walls, color of the floors, and accessories. Additionally, you want a washable surface for kitchen cabinets. A good choice is the latex paint with a gloss or satin finish. Since cleaning is a constant issue, matte or eggshell finishes are not a great choice for the kitchen. When choosing the type of paint for your kitchen cabinets, function is as important as style.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Preparation

It does require some labor and preparation though painting cabinets in your kitchen is economical in comparison to replacing them. along with all the hardware, the cabinet doors need to be removed to do it correctly. Before you paint, the surfaces need to be cleaned and any surface flaws repaired. To ensure that the paint will adhere and appear smooth, wood cabinets should be lightly sanded before applying paint. Cover the counters, floors, and appliances as well as adjacent walls.

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Depending on your preference, kitchen cabinets can be painted with a brush or sprayed. It needs to be carefully applied, but spraying can be easier to create a smooth surface for intricately designed cabinets. Painting can be tedious and while in a rush to complete the project, drips occur, or brush strokes show. Many people do not realize the time and care required for painting cabinets. To ensure that is done right and in a time-efficient manner, call Jeff the Painter and let us take care of the cabinet painting project for you.

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