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What are the Rules for Painting an Accent Wall in Temecula, CA? How to Choose Paint & More

You may be thinking about adding an accent wall to your home to spice things up, especially if you are not the cookie-cutter type. It is easy to see why as this interior home design trend has become increasingly popular in recent year. Though they can quickly transform your home and very easy to create. You have unlimited paint options, surfaces, and materials to choose from, which is a huge benefit. However, before picking up a paintbrush, there are a few things you should know. Today, we at Jeff the Painter would like to discuss the dos and don’ts of painting the accent wall.

What to Consider when Choosing Paint Colors?

A simple wall paint is not what you have to limit yourself on. When planning your accent wall, feel free to think beyond solid colors and step out of your comfort zone. You can use paint color in many ways as you take this a step further. Consider adding stripes or choosing a specialty paint finish for example. Because they make a powerful statement, metallic colors are a great choice.

Consider a Textured Accent Wall

Don’t forget to think about the texture as well as there is more to accent walls than just paint. In your home, stone or tile can make a bold statement. If on the event your room lacks storage or architectural interest, you can add extensive shelving to your wall. Adding a gallery of photos, a wall-mounted electric fireplace, or artwork are some other popular ideas. When paired with walls in neutral colors like greige, gray, or beige, a strong accent wall will look best.

Do Not Limit the Accent Wall to Walls

A chic decorating trend includes creating an accent ceiling, believe it or not. These can easily be created using soft or vivid colors. In order to help separate the wall color from the ceiling, do not forget to add white crown molding. This will make the room look sleek and stylish.

Select Correct Walls for Accent Wall

Take some time to really think about what rooms can benefit from an accent wall for optimal results. With a textured accent wall, spaces without architectural features often look great. You can add a wall of windows or shelving, an accent wall doesn’t just mean a simple paint color either.

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