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What Order Do You Paint a Room First in Solana Beach, CA? Master Bedroom, Kitchen & More

When you are ready to take on a project in your home to increase the look and the feel, a great place is to start with painting the walls. The paint on the walls can over time start to look dingy and dirty and even if they are washed won’t have that shine that we all love. At some point to have your house looking the best you want to have the walls in your house repainted. This is a big project and if you are living in the house it may be a process that you want to spread out over a few days to make sure that you have space to live in still. You can work with a professional painter that can make a plan with you about where to start and what colors and finishes would work best for you. Ciarlanti Painting outlines how to decide what rooms to paint first in your house.

Paint Master Bedroom Ceiling & Walls First

If you know you are ready to take on repainting your whole house and you live there you want to make a plan. The plan should include where to start with the process and why. The best thing you can do is make the space ready in your master suite as a place to start. This means that you want to include the bedroom as well as the bathroom. The master suite has a space to sleep as well as a bathroom so that if the rest of the house is still out of commission you can live in the space. If you have the work started early in the day you can have the work done and allowed to dry before you are ready to set the space back up. Then you can focus on the rest of the house.

Painting Kitchen

Besides the bedroom where you need to get a good night’s rest the kitchen is the most used space. The kitchen is where you want to prepare and make meals as well as feed your family. When the kitchen is out of commission the family has to starve or eat out. This can be costly as well as unhealthy if you are not able to use your space. The second area to paint in the house is the kitchen and that is a lot of work to prepare it. The cabinets and the fixtures all need to be taped off so that the paint does not get in other surfaces. Getting the kitchen done will allow you to work through the rest of the house.

Painting a Whole House Interior

Now that these two main areas are done you can take on the rest of the house. The halls and other rooms that include your living room can be done all at the same time. The rest of the house can be taped and done even if you choose different colors for them. You want to make sure that you plan out your house painting schedule with the professional painter.

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Ciarlanti Painting can come out to your house and prepare to paint your home on a good schedule. Call us today to meet with our experts.

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