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Common Painting Mistakes on Walls in Fallbrook, CA; Using Cheap Supplies, Skipping Paint Preparation & More

When doing your own painting project there are a number of mistakes people do without realizing it. Certain painting mistakes can cause minor flaws in the painting project, lead to a lot more clean up, or completely ruin the painting project. Ciarlanti Painting will share some of these common painting mistakes and how to avoid…

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Choosing the Right Paint Roller Nap for Interior Walls with Smooth, Knockdown or Other Texture in Encinitas, CA

Have you ever considered what the different is between paint rollers? Each roller has its own nap, which in turn gives it its own texture while soaking in a different amount of paint. Each roller is also designed to apply paint to different types of surface better than the others. As determining which type of…

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Using a Roller, Brush or Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Del Mar, CA? DIY VS Hiring a Professional Painter

In the last five years or so do it yourself home improvement projects have become increasingly popular. The vast amount of information online has made it significantly easier for homeowners to learn about how to complete a large variety of projects around their home. The type of project you choose will present its very own…

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