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Should I Paint the Outside of My House Myself or Hire a Professional Painting Contractor in Bonsall, CA?

Are you thinking about having the exterior of your home painted? There are questions you should ask to make sure you hire a professional company. This will ensure you get the most bang for your buck with beautiful results! Asking the right questions will allow you to weed out unquantified and inexperienced companies that try…

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Can Weathered Wood Be Painted in Escondido, CA? Replace Wet or Dry Rot Areas, Scrape, San & More

Many folks have various structures in the yard that might have been neglected over time such as the playhouses, lawn maintenance storage sheds, workshops, standalone garages or something similar. Wanting to revitalize the structure isn’t as difficult as you might suppose. Even a 130 year old barn can be given a youthful face lift. We…

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Professional Painters Have Access to Higher Quality Paint & Know Best Type & Finish etc in Vista, CA

Now that you have done enough research on painting your home, you feel confident that you have made all the selections needed. You have read about sheens, finishes and have picked the perfect color, after all. Before you go purchase the paint for your home, you may want to think twice. Ciarlanti Painting – Jeff…

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How Do I Prepare My Deck for the Summer in Solano Beach, CA? Pressure Wash, Paint or Stain & More

Spring is nearly over and summer is nearly here. Grass gets green, leaves sprout, blossoms and flowers bloom, the air feels crisp and the need to host outdoor gatherings and events are being considered. But after a season of undisturbed, weather abuse and neglect, your deck is in need of attention. Today, we at Ciarlanti…

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What are the Different Paint Sheens in San Marcos, CA? Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss & Gloss Sheen

Finding the right color scheme for any specific room in your home can be a rather staggering decision. There are many factors you have to consider, such as which room it is, the flooring, accessories, furnishings, architectural design, the interior design goal, and the overall dynamic of the room. Once you have made the final…

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