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How Do You Budget for Exterior House Painting of Your Home in Valley Center, CA?

Do you need the outside of your home repainted and in the worst way? There will come a time when your home’s exterior demands painting. However, not everyone is ready or able to invest in such a project. When your home is due to be repainted it is important to properly budget for such a project. If you are not sure where to start or how to budget for an exterior paint project, Jeff the Painter will share some tips on how you can prepare and budget for your next exterior painting project.

Tips on Budgeting for an Exterior Painting Project

• Plan to Paint Ahead of Time: Determine the entire scope of the project. Know what materials you will need, and the amount of paint required. Research paint types and prices to estimate the overall cost. Additionally, what will you be painting? Do the outside walls, fascia, trim, doors, shutters and other surfaces on the outside of your home need to be painted?
• Set a Painting Budget: Once you have a general idea of the cost of paint and materials you will need, you can then set a budget for the project. The budget will be the hardest part. You will need to make sure the painting project is covered and have a little extra in the event something goes wrong or needs more attention.
• Choose the Right Paint: While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, using a high-quality paint can save you money in the long run. Better paint will last much longer and requiring fewer touch-ups. To help save money on paint, consider using paint with a primer included. It will save on the cost of a separate primer.
• Shop Around: Compare prices from different hardware or retail stores to find the best deal on paint and other supplies. Everyone will price their paint differently, so do not always settle on one store’s price.
• DIY or Professional Painting?: When doing the exterior painting project yourself, you may save some money. However, you may find it well worth the cost to seek a professional painting service. A professional painting service comes with all of the proper painting materials to ensure a quality result. Additionally, they are often better prepared to reach and paint higher areas such as the fascia or second story homes. If you decide to use a professional painting service, make sure to get estimates from different painting companies and compare prices. However, also compare the painting service’s rating along with their prices, you do not want to invest in a poor painting service simply because they are the cheapest.
• Prioritize Areas to Paint: Focus on the areas that need the most attention, such as peeling or faded paint. This can help you make the most of your budget. Other areas can use touch up work over time. For example you can budget to get the main part of the home repainted and paint the trim and doors at your leisure. This will help offset the cost a little bit over time and not have to pay everything all at once.

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