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How Do I Choose the Color Scheme for the Exterior of My House in Escondido, CA

There is a lot to think about when the time comes to repaint the outside of your home. You will need to consider your budget, find a quality painting service, pick the right weather conditions and yes, the best colors. What color will you want to paint your home? Picking the right colors can be a challenge especially when you have a more unique architecture style. It is important to match the right color with your home’s architectural style. Jeff the Painter would like to share some color options that best suit the different architectural styles.

Victorian Style House – Bold & Dramatic Paint Colors

Victorian homes are known for their complex details and ornamental features. These homes can pull off a bold, dramatic color scheme like deep reds, purples, or blues. Consider highlighting the ornamental details with contrasting colors for the trim and other architectural embellishments.

Colonial Homes – Traditional Paint Color Scheme

Colonial-style homes often look best with classic and more traditional colors. Consider using a white or cream color for the main body, paired with dark green or black for shutters and trim. These historical colors can add to the home’s timeless elegance.

Craftsman House – Earthy Tones

Craftsman homes, with their natural materials and attention to craftsmanship, are best when enhanced with the use of warm and earthy tones. Consider more browns, greens, and subdued reds. For a modern twist, you could consider a deep blue or gray as your primary color, but make sure to balance it out with earthy tones for the trim and other accents.

Modern Homes – Bold or Minimal Paint Colors

For modern or contemporary homes, you can either go bold or go minimal. Bright whites, contrasting blacks, or even vibrant colors like red or blue can work well. For a more understated look, a palette of grays can be a beautiful choice. The sleek lines of these homes often mean that less is more when it comes to color. However, modern style homes give you the opportunity to experiment with color.

Mediterranean House Style – Warm & Inviting Paint Colors

Mediterranean-style homes look great with warm, sun-washed colors much like the region they are named for. Think soft oranges, yellows, or terracotta, combined with darker accents like browns or even bold blues to add in a sea element.

Ranch House – Subtle & Harmonious Paint Color Palette

Ranch-style homes often have wide, sprawling facades, so it’s best to stick with more subtle colors that blend harmoniously with the surroundings. Neutral tones, like beiges, tans, or light grays, work well. Consider using darker or contrasting colors for the trim to add more visual interest to your home.

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When painting the outside of your home, remember to honor the architectural style, while making it uniquely yours. Take your time and sample several colors before you make a final decision. Consider your surroundings, landscaping, and even the color of your roof as you choose your home’s new color palette. Once you have found the right color that complements your home’s architectural style, all you need now is help with painting it. Jeff the Painter provides quality exterior and interior painting services and more. Simply schedule our services today.

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