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Using a Roller, Brush or Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Del Mar, CA? DIY VS Hiring a Professional Painter

In the last five years or so do it yourself home improvement projects have become increasingly popular. The vast amount of information online has made it significantly easier for homeowners to learn about how to complete a large variety of projects around their home. The type of project you choose will present its very own set of pros and cons. You will want to consider the pros and cons of trying to tackle the project on your own before deciding if doing it on your own is a good idea or not. One project that many people think about doing on their own is painting the cabinets in their home. At first glance this project may seem fairly straightforward and simple. As you do more research on the project you will discover that it is not quite as easy as it seems. In fact, painting your own cabinets is one of the most frequent home improvement projects that goes awry when completed without the help of a professional. Today Jeff The Painter is going to talk about why you may want to repaint your cabinets and why you probably want to hire us to do the job!

Cost of Cabinet Replacing VS Painting

Many people are drawn to the concept of painting their cabinets because it is a fairly inexpensive option that helps give your entire kitchen or bathroom a facelift. If you do not like your cabinets you may have already looked into how much it would cost to completely replace your cabinets. Replacing your cabinets is a significant investment. When you compare replacing your cabinets to painting them it is easy to see why people choose to paint their cabinets. This also frees up money for other remodeling projects that they want to complete. As you budget for home remodeling projects it is frequently difficult to find a way to afford all of the projects that you want to complete. Selecting the less expensive option for your cabinets by painting them instead of replacing them allows you to have some money for other projects. Being able to complete more of the projects you had in mind is always fantastic.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Once people have decided that they are going to paint their cabinets they incorrectly assume that it is simply a matter of slapping some paint on the cabinets. If only it were that simple! Painting your cabinets is a process that will test your patience and commitment as you complete it. First you have to remove the cabinet drawers and doors. Then you have to sand down the wood. After that is done you have to thoroughly clean your cabinets so that the paint will adhere properly. Once you have finished all of that you can start painting. This typically requires one coat of primer and two coats of paint. The amount of time it takes to complete all of these steps is quite overwhelming. Choosing when to brush, roll or spray paint can be almost impossible.

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Just reading that list might be enough to encourage you to pick up the phone and schedule your appointment with Jeff The Painter today. And we did not even address the fact that getting your cabinets to look nice as you paint them is something that many people simply cannot seem to do on their own! Contact us to begin your next project today.

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