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How to Make a Small, Narrow Room Look Bigger & Wider with Painting Techniques & More in Carlsbad, CA

When most people look around their home there is at least one part of their floor plan that they do not love. Builders do their best to design a layout that fits a large variety of needs. Since no two families have the same needs, there is simply no way that they can effectively accomplish this. Some people choose to build a custom home to help avoid this problem. But even if you custom built your home you may still have this problem. One common issue that homeowners have with their floor plan is that they have one or more spaces that are a little small. If you have a small room or two in your home you may be looking for ways to make it look larger. Today Jeff the Painterwants to give you some tips on how to make some of the rooms in your home look larger.

Paint Walls a Lighter Color to Make Room Look Brighter

The first tip that most decorators will give you for how to make a room look larger is to paint the walls a lighter color. When you have a small room with dark colored walls your room looks even smaller than it already is. Painting the walls in your room a lighter color and contrasting it with some darker d├ęcor will create contrast. This contrast creates depth and the illusion of a larger space. Jeff the Paintercan come out and help you with this tip. We love to help our customers create a larger space with a new paint color.

How to Make a Room Look Bigger with Lighting

Tip number two is to use a few different sources of light. We recommend that you combine overhead lighting and lamps to light the room. This may seem silly because it does not take as much light to make a small room seem light enough. The reason that having multiple sources of light is that it spreads the light evenly around the room which makes it feel larger than it really is. Adding extra lighting is especially helpful if your room does not have much natural lighting in it.

Choose Sofas & Furniture with Exposed Legs

When you are shopping for furniture for your smaller rooms you will want to look for pieces that have legs on them. Furniture with exposed legs make your room seem larger. This is something that you may not notice until someone points it out to you. Next time you walk into a room take a look at the furniture and see if it has skirts that feel boxy or legs that help open the space up.

Use Large Decor to Open Up the Space

Another way that you can help open up a space is to use larger items when you are decorating. Purchasing lots of smaller items to decorate with makes your room look smaller. Take the plunge and buy larger items to put in your smaller room.

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We hope that these tips have helped give you some ideas of how to make your smaller rooms look larger. If you are ready to paint your room as part of this process give Jeff the Painter a call today.

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