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Unique Kitchen Cabinets, Doors & Trim Painting Ideas in Rainbow, CA; Dark Shades, Same Colors as Walls & More

When it comes to your home many people move in with a look that they bought the house for. Others move in knowing that they want to make lots of changes. The color that is used on the walls, doors, cabinets and more can be altered. When you make changes to the colors in your house it can make a huge impact. The impact that it makes can take your home from a simple average looking space to one that shows off your own unique style. Paint has an endless supply of options that you can use to change the house you are in. The one thing that you need to do is to think outside of the box to find ways that paint can make your home look unique. Ciarlanti Painting outlines ways you can use paint to create a unique look in your home.

Painting Doors Bright or Dark Colors

One of the areas of the house that seems to get overlooked when painting are the doors. The doors in the house are often a standard look when it comes to color. The color that is often used is a gloss white. Although this is a common use and seems to come standard in most homes there are many other options. The door can be a sleek smooth door or it can have some intricate cutouts. The more intricate the door the more texture it will add to the home but you can take it step further with color. You want to look at painting the doors in your home with a more vibrant color. Many people have started to choose to use black as a paint color for their doors. This frames the space out and can give your home a much more unique look and feel.

Paint Trim Same Color as Walls

Most homes have trim that includes baseboard, trim around the doors and the windows and even crown molding. These are all things that you can upgrade or add to the house if yours are lacking. The most common color also happens to be gloss white but you can take it to another level. The trim can be white but you can also choose colors that can create a beautiful look and frame the house in a whole new way. You can choose a color that will accent the home and the colors that you have chosen for the walls.

Painting Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry & Other Cabinets

The cabinets that are in your house are in the kitchen, bathroom and some hallway storage areas. The great thing is that the cabinets are often a wood color from being stained. This is a common answer to cabinets but the new trend is to have your cabinets painted. You can steer away from the standard wood look and go with a color that will bring together the look of your home. The cabinets are a huge part of the space and should be a color that creates the look you are going for. Painting them allows you to keep your current cabinets but give them a new look.

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