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How to Prep a Room for Painting in Rancho Penasquitos, CA; From Temporary Floor Protection to Taping & Priming

If you are looking for a way to dramatically change the look of your room on a budget, you may want to consider painting it. Before you get your paint brush out and go for it, you should know that there is a certain amount of work that needs to be done preparing before that can happen. Ciarlanti Painting is here to walk you through the process of properly preparing a room before starting the painting process.

How to Prep a House for Painting Interior

Following are our best tips to help prepare your room for the painting process.
Temporary Floor Protection; Drop Cloth for Painting: The flooring is often overlooked when thinking about painting a room. You should always lay down a drop cloth to protect your floors against any spills or splatters during the painting process.
Remove Light Switch & Outlet Covers: Before you can start painting, you need to remove all of the light switch covers and outlets covers. They are usually easily removed with a simple screwdriver.
Clean Walls Before Painting: Even though your walls are a vertical surface, dirt and dust will collect on them and needs to be removed. You can simply mix a bucket of water with a little trisodium phosphate (TSP) You can use a sponge to gently wipe the walls down. Once you have covered the entire wall, you should go back using plain water and give them another pass.
Fill Cracks & Holes in Walls Before Painting: You have likely hung pictures and experienced dings on your walls. Before you paint them, this is the perfect time to fill all of them in so that your walls look new again. This can be done using some painter’s putty or joint compound. Once this is done, you will need to use some sandpaper to smooth out the surface.
Clean Walls After Sanding Before Painting: Now that sanding is complete, you will need to use a damp cloth to wipe it down again and remove the fine dust that sanding leaves behind.
Before Painting, Caulk Baseboards, Trim & Windows: If it has been a while since the last time your room was painted, you may need to caulk around the baseboards to close any gaps that may have formed. This should be done using acrylic latex painter’s caulk.
Tape Ceiling, Baseboards & More for Painting Walls: Using painter’s tape, you will want to tape off the areas that you aren’t planning to paint. This likely includes baseboards, windows and door casings. This will put the barrier needed to keep paint from ruining these areas.
Prime Before Painting: You may want to apply primer to certain problem areas in the room. This may be areas that have stubborn stains or holes that you have filled in.

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Painting a room may sound simple, but there is a lot that goes into getting the professional painting finish that you are looking for. If you aren’t up to the task and don’t have the painting experience needed to get the results you are after, you can rely on Ciarlanti Painting to help you get crisp lines and perfect edges. Call us today!

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