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Should I Paint My Garage Door the Same Color as My Front Door or House or Co-ordinate Colors in Encinitas, CA?

Did you know that when you update your garage doors, it is an update the will give you more than 100% of your investment back? It can drastically change the look of your home so much that the boost in curb appeal is substantial. However, replacing your garage doors can be a big decision. You will be possible choosing a completely different style than you currently have and possibly even the color. Jeff The Painter is here to share some tips on choosing the best paint color for your new garage doors.

Coordinate Garage Door Colors with Your Beige, Grey, White, Brown, Red Brick or Other Color House

When people look at the front of your home, you want them to appreciate the home as whole and not be struck by the color of your garage doors. Even if you have chosen a garage door that is beautiful, you don’t want it to be what is drawing the eye of those that are looking at your home. To do this, pick a color for your garage door that compliments and coordinates with the color of your home. Some people will choose to have their garage door match their home perfectly, while others may choose to have it simply compliment the color of their home.

Classic Garage Door Color Selector

It may be tempting to choose a garage door color that is super trendy. If the color is too far out there, you may want to second guess it. You want to choose a garage color that you are going to love for years to come rather than one that you have to change out every couple of years. If you choose bold colors that seem over the top, you will actually see the value of your property come in lower than if your garage door color is neutral.

Front Door & Garage Door Color Combinations

Most people choose a color for their front door that will pop. It is a common place that bolder colors are used to make your front door a focal point. You are going to want your garage doors to have a more neutral palette. This is especially true if you have a front door that is bright red, green or other loud color. Feel free to choose more than one accent color for your home as long as they all work well together.

House Painting in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad & Escondido, California

If you have a garage door that you need painted, you can count on the experts at Jeff The Painter to help you customize any color to match the color of your home or the accent colors you have chosen for your house. We offer paint customization and have the expertise to precisely match the colors you need to create a beautiful look for your new garage doors. Painting garage doors can be time consuming and difficult when you don’t have the training of our technicians. Call Jeff The Painter today!

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