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Common Painting Mistakes on Walls in Fallbrook, CA; Using Cheap Supplies, Skipping Paint Preparation & More

When doing your own painting project there are a number of mistakes people do without realizing it. Certain painting mistakes can cause minor flaws in the painting project, lead to a lot more clean up, or completely ruin the painting project. Ciarlanti Painting will share some of these common painting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Using Cheap House Painting Materials is a Mistake

Most people will do their own painting to save money. In their attempts to save money often the homeowner will buy the cheapest paint and painting materials. When using cheap paint you will find you will need three coats or more to properly cover the walls. Additionally, cheap paint will bubble and peel much earlier than other paints. When using a cheap paint brush and roller you will find the paint task much harder. A cheap paint brush loses their bristles easily, often getting stuck in the paint and on the walls. Cheaper rollers don’t hold very much paint and can also cause a bigger mess as paint drips more heavily. Make sure to use quality materials when painting your home to ensure a better, easier, and cleaner paint job.

Don’t Skip Painting Prep

Some people will jump right into painting their home and do little or no preparation for the painting task. When preparing for a painting task you will want to have masking tape to outline the boarders where you don’t want the paint to touch. You will want to remove furniture or cover the pieces with a plastic sheet. Cover the floor to prevent paint from getting on the carpet or tile. Next, make sure to wipe down the walls you are painting with a damp cloth to get all of the dust off. Dust can cause bubbling and result in a poor paint job. With proper prep you will find the painting job will again go much smoother and with little mess to clean up afterwards.

Avoid Using Too Much Paint

It is common for people to assume the more paint they get on their brush and roller, it will make the painting job go much faster with less trips back to the painting tray. However, that is a big and messy mistake. Too much paint causes way more dripping which makes a big mess with lots of waste. When painting never oversoak the paint brush and rollers. It is better to take your time with the painting job than to make a big mess and waste your paint.

Not Having Touch Up Paint is a Mistake

So many people after finishing a painting project will throw out all of the left over paint. Other times they had barely enough paint to finish with no paint left over. It is recommended to always keep leftover paint for future touch-ups. Touch-ups are always needed and you will want to have the paint ready. If you run out of paint, consider buying a small quart of paint for your touch-ups as they occur. Left over paint should be sealed and kept in a cool area for future use.

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Avoid these common mistakes to ensure a better painting project that will last for years to come. For professional residential painting services and more, contact Ciarlanti Painting today.

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