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Is it Better to Paint or Stain a Solid Wood Deck in Poway, CA? Protective Coating, Beauty & More

Having a deck off the back of your home can create endless hours of entertaining. They are a great place to sit and take in the beauty of the world around you. Decks can be made of several different types of materials, but if you have chosen to build your deck out of solid wood, it requires a little TLC every now and then. Jeff the Painter would like to talk about the pros and cons of painting versus staining your solid wood deck. When you decide to paint or stain your solid wood deck, there are pros and cons that come with it just like anything else. Following are a few:

Does Painting a Deck Make it Last Longer & Other Pros?

1. Deck Paint Color– When you decide to paint your deck, you have thousands of colors to choose from. The possibilities are endless.
2. Paint Thickness– Paint is thicker than stain and can actually fill in blemishes on your deck. If you have damage from years of weather, painting can help repair some of them.
3. Protective Paint– In most cases, paint offers wood more protection from the sun, rot, and mold than stain.
4. Paint Offers Easy Cleaning– Cleaning dirt and dust off of a deck that has been painted is fairly easy since the paint creates a nice hard shell. You can usually easily clean your deck with soap and water depending on the color you choose.

Cons of Painting a Wood Deck

1. Painting a Deck is Irreversible– When you choose to paint your deck, it is extremely difficult to go back. Make sure it is what you really want before you put that first coat of paint on your deck.
2. Painted Deck Can Be Slippery– When a deck that has been painted is wet, the surface can be quite slippery.
3. Hidden Beauty of Painted Deck– When you decide to paint, you lose the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Benefits of Staining a Solid Wood Deck

Here are some pros and cons that come with staining rather than painting your deck.
1. Beauty of Deck– When you choose to stain your deck rather than paint, you preserve the natural beauty of the wood grain.
2. Stain Application– Stain is generally easier to apply than paint. It is considered easier to work with since you can miss a small spot and it goes unnoticed, where this isn’t the case with paint. Stain is more forgiving.
3. Colors of Stain– There are numerous color options with stain. There may not be as many as paint, but there are several different colors to choose from nonetheless.

Why You Should Not Stain a Deck

1. Stain has Shorter Lifespan– Stain and sealer generally doesn’t hold up as long as paint will. This of course is dependent on stain quality and the number of coats applied.
2. Stain Hides Nothing– Staining your solid wood deck will not hide any blemishes in the wood because it is much thinner than paint and it is transparent.
3. Natural Look of Stain– If you don’t like the look of natural wood grain, this isn’t the right option for you.

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Whether you decide to paint or stain your solid wood deck, Jeff the Painter can help you. With years of experience, we can help you attain the goals you have in mind with the look of your solid wood deck. Call Jeff the Painter today for an appointment!

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