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Interior Painting Design Styles For Your Home in Rancho Santa Fe, CA; Traditional, Modern, Scandinavian & More

There are lots of people that are choosing to have their home updated, renovated and designed to make it a more enjoyable place. The shift in how life has been lived over the last year means that more and more people are spending time at home and not out in the general public. All the time spent at home means that you are finding areas of the home that you may not be happy with. You might have pushed back a project that you have wanted to do, or you have overlooked that your home is dated and needs some sprucing up. The great thing is that with all the time at home you can come up with a game plan on what to do and how to make the area look and feel more like home to you. This means finding a style that you love and that will fit with the theme that you want to lay out. There are lots of options you can choose from but there are a few that are most common. Jeff the Painter outlines different style ideas for your home and how paint color can showcase it.

Traditional Home Design Style

There are lots of people that want to have their home looking like a standard and traditional residence. Some of the main reasons are that you can find décor to fit the space just about anywhere as well as knowing that the style will never go out. The same traditional style has been used for a long time and fits any size home in any area and community. The first part of having a more traditionally styled home is to pick the right paint color. The great thing is you can choose from a variety of neutrals to showcase the house. The paint can be a lighter color usually in browns, whites and even some greys. This is meant to act as a base so that you can bring in a more rich wood color and some accents to make your house fit the style. You can choose to have an accent wall with a deeper more interesting color or a wall that has been wallpapered. You also might want to bring in some rich colors with your furniture and décor.

Urban Modern Interior Design

There are more and more people that are choosing to go with a modern theme in their home. This is a style that has been used for some time and still is in the top of the list when it comes to choices. A modern style is one that uses a more sleek and smooth effect to make up the homes style. The color that you choose for the walls can still be fun but a sleek, clean look is the thought that should be behind it. This means you want to look for a stark white or grey as a base. The more you repeat the same color the more it will bring the modern feel to the space. You then can bring in metal accents and smooth finishes with your cabinets and even your floors.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

One of the options that has been up and coming is to style your home in a Scandinavian look. If you are looking for a more sustainable look and feel as well as a place that feels close and connected, this is the style for you. You can choose a wide variety of colors that are much warmer in tone. This mean you can choose a variety of soft whites and naturals, neutral pinks, darker to soft icy blues, and dark to moss greens to name a few. Then you want to bring in natural pieces such as rugs, baskets and exposed wood.

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