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How to Paint Dark Colors Evenly & Without Streaks on Walls in Del Mar, CA; Best Finish, Rooms & More

When painting inside the home, many interior designers will tell you to be cautious about using dark colors. Dark colors can look very nice. However, they can also make are room feel smaller and claustrophobic. When painting with dark colors it is important that you combine the dark colors with the right elements to offset the dark tones. Jeff the Painter will share how to paint the darker colors in your home.

Best Rooms for Dark Paint Colors

When you want to try to bring a darker color paint into your home it is important to know where the best places to use darker paints are. When painting with darker colors, avoid painting smaller rooms all dark. However, you can still use darker colors in a smaller room. In smaller rooms darker paint can be used as an accent color or as an accent wall. Never paint the entire room all dark, especially if is it small and has poor light. Open floor plans or larger rooms with a lot of natural light work rather well. Bringing in a cool dark color into a home with big open spaces looks great, especially combined with light accent colors. Using a white color for trim against a dull midnight blue makes a very dynamic look.

Best Finish to Paint Dark Colors Without Streaks

When using darker colored paint inside the home, the finish or sheen is important. The wrong sheen can ruin the look of the paint. When using darker colors, using a satin finish can reveal brush strokes or flaws on the walls. When using darker colors, one of the best finishes to use is either a semi-gloss or a matte finish. When deciding on whether to use a semi-gloss or a matte you can determine that with your lighting. In areas that do not have the best lighting, a semi-gloss will help to reflect the light and make the room feel brighter. If there is plenty of light and you do not want the wall to look too shiny, then use a matte finish instead.

Accent Wall Color Combinations

When you want to use a darker color paint in your home, one of the challenging aspects is to find a good accent color. When using a darker colored paint, you never want to paint the entire room the same color. When using too much of the dark color, the room feels like a box and the room can feel a bit washed out. When painting with darker colored paints, accent colors matter. Finding the right accent color may be a bit tricky. In many cases, a simple white trim with a darker color will always work. However, if you want more color you can look up pictures online to get some inspiration. One side note to consider: the furniture and décor also plays a major role as an accent color and what color you should paint the walls. Too often a homeowner will focus only on concept colors for the walls, trim and ceiling but never bring the furniture into the equation. Consider your furniture and décor when choosing paint colors.

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