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How Long Should Exterior House Paint Last in Hidden Meadows, CA? Siding Material, Painting Quality & More

Homeownership requires a lot of diligent care and maintenance to keep the home functioning and presentable. From time to time, your home’s exterior needs some attention, particularly the home’s exterior paint. When the time comes, making sure your home’s exterior paint is looking its best means repainting it. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know how often the exterior should be painted. In order to maintain a beautiful exterior, homeowners will want to paint the exterior of their home every 7 – 10 years, generally speaking. There are handful of other factors that dictate how often you should repaint the exterior of your home. With this in mind, we at Jeff the Painter would like to take the opportunity to discuss how often you should be painting the exterior of your home. How often you should paint the exterior of your home depends on several factors, as we stated earlier. There are several considerations that will play a part in the home painting timeline from the materials of your walls to the environment to the paint used. Below is a closer look at the primary points.

How Often Do Different Siding Materials Need to Be Painted?

Homes differ in many ways. One prime example is the type of material used for the exterior of your walls or the siding. You can use the following estimations as a reference for how long paint will last on each surface as a general guideline for the common materials used for siding.
– Aluminum – Every 5 years
– Brick – Every 15-20 years
– Stucco – Every 5-6 years
– Wood – Every 3-7 years
– Stained Wood – Every 4-7 years

Temperature, Humidity & Climate Affects Exterior Paint Longevity

A massive role in how often you should paint the exterior of a home is the routine environment. For example, paint under the dry Arizona sun will last a different amount of time than an exterior paint job in the more humid Florida. When deciding if it’s time to paint or not, the harsh weather from the seasons and how much sun your walls get will be important to take into account.

High Quality Paint Lasts Longer

The paint you use will make all the difference when painting the exterior of your home. It can maximize the life of your paint job if the right type of paint is used. However, you might have to paint sooner than you planned if the wrong kind of paint was used. Make certain to research which type of paint will be best for the material of your siding as well as the environment that your home is in.

How Do You Know if Your House Needs to Be Painted?

Being pretty simple is knowing how often you should paint the exterior of your home, fortunately. To let you know right away that it’s time to touch up your exterior paint job includes signs like chalking, faded, or peeling paint. You will be able to stay on top of your paint and keep your home looking its best by evaluating your paint regularly.

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