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How Do I Make My Modern House Look Like a Rustic Style Home in Vista, CA? Brown, White & Green Paint Colors & More

There are many different designs and themes you can create inside your home. There are some people out there who love to move with the times and want a modern, contemporary feel, while others like to move backward in-time and create a more rustic theme. For those who want to embrace a more rustic theme and design you may wonder where to begin. To create a rustic design it all starts with the right color pallet. If you want to create a rustic design in your home, Jeff the Painter will share some of the iconic rustic color palettes.

What Paint Colors are Rustic?

When you want to create a rustic style home you will want to use natural and rugged elements such as earthy tones. When creating a rustic pallet you will want to pick a painting pallet or group of colors that says “Rustic!” When choosing your rustic painting pallet again remember to incorporate natural tones that will work with other features inside your home such as your fireplace, floors and other accents. With that in mind, here are some of the popular color pallets that are ideal for rustic style homes.
Browns with White – Browns are a great color for a rustic design. You will want to avoid too dark of a color brown and stay with tans or sandy colors. To create that rustic flare you can use white for doors, trim and other accents. Avoid pure white when combining with a brown pallet. For a more rustic look you will want to use an ivory or off white. Brown with white accents can create a clean, yet rustic style home.
Greens with White or Brown – Green as a primary color can really bring out a rustic style home. You will want to stay with more earthy color greens such as sage, olive green, or a darker pine tree green color. Once you choose your favorite green color, your next step is finding the right accent colors. Green can be paired with brown and off white colors. Using brown or dark stain colored wood really helps the rustic look pop. When you want to brighten up your home’s interior you can also use off white for your accents.
Grays – Gray colors that is closer to stone can also create a great rustic feel. When using gray colors it is best to tie the gray into other features inside the home such as area rugs, furniture, carpets and other decorations inside the home. Gray also provides an opportunity to use a variety of different accent colors. You can use blues, browns, white and greens as the accent color. When picking the accent color, use your home’s décor to tie the accent color to the gray.

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When you want to create a rustic style home, your first step is painting your home the right colors. When you find you need help repainting a rustic style home, contact Jeff the Painter and schedule our interior painting services today.

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