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How Do I Choose the Right Exterior Paint Color for the Outside of My House in Oceanside, CA?

Any time you are faced with a decision like choosing the color of paint for the outside of your home, it can seem like a lot. This is the decision that you want to make sure you get right. Painting the outside of your home is one of the ways that you can boost your home’s curb appeal. That is, if you get the paint color right. You are going to want to consider several factors when you are choosing the right color for the outside of your house. Jeff The Painter is here to share our best tips to help make sure you pick the perfect color for your home’s exterior.

How Do I Decide what Color Combination to Paint the Exterior of My House?

While it can be difficult to pin down the perfect paint color for the outside of your house, there are a few tips we have to share to help ensure you pick the right one.
– Consider Rock: Many homes have a certain amount of rock or stone on the outside of their house that will not be painted. If you have any stone or brick that you don’t plan on painting, you should look at this portion of your house first when you’re choosing a paint color. You want the color of your home to work well with the undertones in your brick or stone. Stone and brick may have multiple undertones found in it which will help you in choosing your paint.
– No Bright White: White is one of the more classic colors that people choose to paint their home. If you are somebody who loves a beautiful white house, you might be surprised to find out that you don’t want to choose bright white. More often than not, a white house is not actually pure white. This is because of the fact that sunlight often makes bright white look too bright. Instead, consider a cream, light gray, or beige.
– Choose Muted Tones: Many people enjoy the cheerfulness that bright colors bring into a space. However, when you are choosing the paint color for the outside of your home, you will more than likely want a more muted color. You don’t want a bright paint color to be too overpowering. If you live in an HOA, there is a good chance that you will not be allowed to choose the bright color. If you’re wanting bright colors, consider painting your front door using a loud color to give your home the personality only bright colors can bring.

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Many homeowners are often shocked at the difference new exterior paint can make on the overall look of their home. If your home is starting to look worn out and tired, it might be time to give it new life with a fresh coat of paint. You can turn to Jeff The Painter to provide you with top notch exterior painting services or interior house painting that are sure to leave your home stunning. Call us today!

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