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What Mistakes Can You Make when Painting in Bonsall, CA? Matching Paint Colors & More

Change is good. Many people choose to change the color of their home to reflect their desire to update their living space. Though painting any room can be exciting, it can also be petrifying at the same time. It can be tricky for you to find colors that match correctly if you do not have an artistic flair for color. Hiring a professional interior painting contractor to help with your house painting project is the best way to ensure that your home turns out exactly the way you want. They not only will make certain the execution is done with precise detail, but they can also help guide you when it comes to using the right colors. Today, we at Jeff the Painter would like to take the opportunity to share the common color mistakes people make when painting their home.

Matching Paint Colors

It is imperative that you match colors throughout the rooms when you are painting your home. However, you do not want identical colors with the furnishings. You should choose a lighter or darker shade of the color instead. Doing this will provide you the perfect color compliment without overplaying for your color choices.

Leaving White Space

Leaving areas of your walls pure white may be rather tempting. Though it is easier and sometimes it can look cleaner, your home can be made to feel incomplete when you leave the walls white. Also, it can make the rest of your interior decorating ideas pointless. You do not have to leave your ceiling a solid white when you are painting the inside of your home. To help with contrast, it is ideal to at the very least, paint the ceiling off-white or cream color. This will add depth to the room by offsetting your ceiling from the walls.

Excluding Use of Colors from the Neutral Palette

Other people go overboard with colors while some people are fearful of adding new color to their homes. You should balance with neutral paint colors if other aspects of your home has a lot of color it in it. Consider the earthy tones or neutrals to look great in your colorful home. Examples include:
– Off-White
– Gray
– Brown
– Black
– Beige

Exclusive Colors that are Monotonous

Diversity is equally important just as shading is essential. Consider using colors that complement each other through the color wheel when you are choosing colors for the interior of your home. This will add style to your home.

Not Using Complementary Colors

Colors located on the opposite side of the color wheel are color compliments; such as red and green; orange and blue; yellow and violet. Paring pinks with orange for example, clash and are very harsh on the eyes.

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When it comes to painting your home, it can be overwhelming overall and there is a lot of time and prep that goes into painting even a single room. To ensure it is done well, hiring an expert has many benefits. Whether you are in need of exterior or interior painting in Escondido, CA, call Jeff the Painter and let us take care of it.

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